About the Asia Research Centre

The Centre encompasses researchers from across Murdoch University who also collaborate with leading researchers from other universities in the region and around the world. Together, these researchers develop cutting edge projects that generate the distinctive publications that have built the Centre’s reputation for research excellence.

Thematic to Centre research is the analysis of conflicts at the national, sub-national, regional and international levels. These include: political and economic regimes; environmental and natural resources; ethnic, religious and national identities; cultural and media systems; and the security of states, communities and individuals.

The Centre’s objectives are to: produce high quality academic research publications for international and domestic audiences; foster the development of high quality research graduates; and to contribute to public policy debate and public understanding on issues concerning contemporary Asia.

The Centre has established a reputation for high quality postgraduate education. The Centre’s strong cohort of domestic and international students are supervised by its internationally acclaimed researchers.

The Asia Research Centre was established through a nationally competitive process that created a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council in 1991 to provide social, political and economic analysis of East and Southeast Asia. Since 1999, Murdoch University has continued to support the Centre.

The implementation of Murdoch University’s Strategic Plan (2012-17) offers new opportunities for the Centre. With research excellence and internationalisation as key strategies and the dynamism of the Asian region foregrounded, the Centre is well placed to further contribute to the University, state, nation and region.

The Centre is administratively located in the School of Business and Governance, has members and postgraduate students based in the School of Arts and with other students and researchers from across Murdoch University.

In 2012, the Asia Research Centre celebrated 20 years as an international leader in the study of East and Southeast Asia, undertaking fundamental interdisciplinary and disciplinary research into a wide range of social, political and economic dynamics within the region. Its anniversary publication is available for download as a PDF. Asia Research Centre 20th Anniversary Publication.