Algae and Seagrass Research Group

Facilities & Services Available


  • Algae culture facilities incl. outdoor paddle wheel driven raceway and inclined ponds (up to 12 m2) and a wide range of plate and tubular photobioreactors (up to 1000L), LED photobioreactor, environmental growth cabinets, temperature-controlled culture rooms
  • Microscopes
  • Range of Pulse Amplitude Modulated Fluorometers
  • Oxygen Electrodes
  • Radioisotope facility
  • Analytical facilities (GC, HPLC, TLC etc.)
  • Electron microscopes
  • Data loggers and control systems

Microalgae Culture Collection

includes species of:

  • Dunaliella
  • Haematococcus
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella

Services Available (for details contact us)

  • Algae species isolation
  • Culture Optimisation
  • Culture system design and testing
  • Toxic algae & phytoplankton identification
  • Algae identification
  • Algae bloom management
  • Training (algae culture, algae identification, marine ecology)
  • Techno-economic modeling and feasibility studies
  • Engineering process design
  • Literature reviews.