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BE INSPIRED! Here are just a few of the amazing stories we hear at OnTrack every semester. If you are a past OnTrack student and would like to share your story, contact us today!

Hamdi Mohamud - Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Teaching

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What inspired you to study OnTrack?

"It is a very quick course... only fourteen weeks. OnTrack gives the opportunity to people who are disadvantaged or had disrupted educational backgrounds and it enables their entry to university."

Murdoch's OnTrack program has taught me...

"It has taught me so much and I do not know where to start, it has helped me with my academic writing skills, referencing, essay writing and being confident to ask any question as well as doing speeches. Everything I have learnt in OnTrack has really benefitted me with my first year and first semester of university."

"OnTrack has benefited me because I was already taught the majority of things other students in my tutorial did not know. I felt as if I was ahead of everybody..."

Alistair McAlpine - Bachelor of Arts (English and History)

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What inspired you to study OnTrack?

"I had harboured a long term desire to test my knowledge at the tertiary level. OnTrack provided me with the initial opening I required, without the fear of first year study."

What did you enjoy most about OnTrack?

"OnTrack provided a slower, well supported start due to the class structure. Thus, it helped reduce my social anxieties that may have prevented me from making a full contribution at the academic level."

Murdoch's OnTrack program taught me...

"That I was capable of chasing my dreams. That I have a right to be content in my own skin."

Janet Curlewis - Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing)

Janet Murdoch 2.jpg"This is the wonderful fact of university: through discovery, dreams and goals are able to shift to change the path of one's life."

"My involvement in the OnTrack program was absolutely vital to my transition to university life. Coming from a non-academic background... meant I had to start from scratch with regards to all forms of academic disclosure, writing and presenting."

"My advice to someone hoping to enter university via an admission pathway such as OnTrack is 'don't hesitate'. If a university education is your desired goal, OnTrack, in my opinion, is the most thorough program to enrol in."

"...OnTrack was a life-changing experience... For those people in similar situations to myself and have the dream of university, I would say 'take the step' and fulfil the dream."

Rebecka Phipps - Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism)

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What inspired you to apply for OnTrack?

"After working for a number of years and not progressing, I started to look into university. OnTrack seemed the best option as it taught me essential skills and engaged me in the Murdoch lifestyle."

Murdoch's OnTrack program has taught me...

"The necessary skills to succeed at university and how to develop my professional life"

"University was always a daunting thought, even though I wanted to study an undergraduate course. I thought my learning disability would prevent me from succeeding. However, OnTrack encouraged me to try and supported my development. By the end of OnTrack, I was more confident knowing I will succeed at Murdoch and in academic life."

Thao Le Ho - Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management)

What inspired you to apply for OnTrack?LeHoThao.jpg

I was inspired to apply for OnTrack as it was free and an internal course where I would experience the university lifestyle.

What did you enjoy most about OnTrack?

I enjoyed learning about myself, making new friends and building a support network at university. There was always help offered when it was needed.

Murdoch's OnTrack program has taught me...

Murdoch’s OnTrack program has taught me about academic integrity, the importance of referencing. It has also taught me to be a critical thinker not only in my research at university but in everyday life. It has taught me that perseverance and hard work results in rewarding outcomes. It has taught me that it does not matter where I start my journey but how I finish it.

Jason Wynne - Bachelor of Arts (Sustainable Development)

Wynne_Jason_2.jpgWhat inspired you to apply for OnTrack?

"I was in a rut. I had always wanted to go to Uni but was afraid and apprehensive about taking the next step however my younger brother had done Ontrack before and told me how much he loved it so I thought I would give it a go."

What did you enjoy most about OnTrack?

"I personally enjoyed the Tutorials the most. I found them to be a very warm and supportive environment. Although people had different opinions and positions on certain topics everyone was respectful and polite. It was really interesting to hear the different points of views of everyone on the topics covered and we often got the chance to listen and share a lot of personal stories of our journeys which I particularly loved. I also made a lot of friends with people I normally would not have had the chance to which was awesome."

Has OnTrack helped you achieve your aspirations and/or life goals?

"Yes. I always wanted to go to Uni and Ontrack has taught me all the basics I need to know for first year Uni as well as making me feel welcome and a part of Uni community."

Helen Hirst - Bachelor of Nursing

Helen Hirst 1-Website.jpg What inspired you to apply for OnTrack?

"I always wanted to become a nurse but, could never find the time or funds to complete my education. As the OnTrack course is only 1 semester and free it was an easy choice to give it a go."

What did you enjoy most about OnTrack?

"The dedication and professionalism of the tutors guiding you constructively towards achievements. Also, the friendships gained through team work and helping guide each other."

Has OnTrack helped you achieve your aspirations and / or life goals?

"Every time I put on my student nurse scrubs I feel so proud of my achievements. Without completing the OnTrack program this would not be possible."