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Murdoch University’s tourism experts investigate all areas of tourism including why people spend so much time 'dreaming' about travel, and why they spend so much money on travel, and the growth of ecotourism.

Murdoch’s experts are also able to explain the impacts individuals have on the places travelled to, the complexities of the tourism industry, and the strategies for economic and social development pursued by governments at federal, state and local levels.

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Dr Sarah Veitch

Dr Sarah Veitch

Politics of tourism, tourism and residents, event legacy

Dr Veitch researches how tourism functions in development debate and controversy, and how tourism is used as rationale in decision making, in the Western, urban context.

Her PhD focused on the relationship between residents and tourism, using Fremantle as a case study. She investigated how residents, alongside other stakeholders, can influence tourism policy and planning and the importance of sustainability and the concept of sense of place. Dr Veitch is also interested in event legacy – specifically America’s Cup legacy in the City of Fremantle.
David Newsome

Associate Professor David Newsome

Natural area tourism and geotourism

David Newsome is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Science. His teaching and research interests span many areas of natural area tourism including wildlife tourism, the biophysical impacts of recreation in protected areas, evaluation of the quality of ecotourism operations, sustainable trail management and geotourism.

David has experience of ecotourism development in Southeast Asia and was an invited speaker and advisor at the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Regional Training on Ecotourism Workshop for Protected Area Managers in Malaysia in 2009.

David is the lead author of two books Natural Area Tourism: ecology, impacts and management and Wildlife Tourism, and co-editor of three books on geotourism.

Current projects include building relationships between China and Australia in relation to geotourism development and the protection of geoheritage.
Rochelle Spencer

Dr Rochelle Spencer

International development, tourism

Dr Rochelle Spencer researches international development and tourism.

She critically questions concepts of civil society, participation, active citizenship, and capacity building. This contributes to our knowledge on assumptions about community, development, rights, and moral responsibility by exploring their importance for social change in an era of globalisation.

Dr Spencer is a lecturer in international aid and sustainable development in the School of Business and Governance and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. She is a founding member of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.

Jim Macbeth

Emeritus Associate Professor  Jim Macbeth

Ethics, sustainability and the Utopian tourist

With a background in the social sciences, Prof Jim Macbeth’s tourism expertise lies in policy and planning issues, tourists themselves (motivation, impacts) and sustainable tourism (impacts, community, environment). His work has also embraced tourism ethics and protected areas within the general rubric of ecotourism.

Besides national projects, Prof Macbeth has been involved in WA research related to Rottnest, Fremantle, Ningaloo, the Great Southern and national parks.

Prof Macbeth has written articles for Australian and international journals and has entries in the Historical Encyclopedia of Western Australia, in addition to an historical chapter on tourism in the book Voices from the West End (of Fremantle). He is a member of Murdoch’s Nature Tourism Research Group.

Diane Lee

Dr Diane Lee

Sustainable development of tourism, wildlife tourism

Dr Diane Lee is a specialist in the sustainable development of tourism in Australia and developing nations.

Currently she is focussing on how appropriate current approaches to tourism policy and education are for developing nations such as Cambodia and Indonesia.

Previously Dr Lee has worked extensively in wildlife tourism, evaluating human/wildlife interactions with dolphins (Bunbury DDC and Monkey Mia) and turtles (Ningaloo) and the conservation nexus between, wildlife, natural areas and community partnerships. In 2011 Diane was awarded a Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife award.

Dr Lee has also investigated tourism infrastructure development opportunities in China and India and conducted an examination of users of WA ‘Top Trails’ throughout the wider WA region.

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