Pharmacy experts

Murdoch University’s pharmacy experts cover a range of disciplines including: formulation science and pharmaceutics, clinical and professional pharmacy with pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacy practice and pharmacy care, pharmacology and molecular therapeutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, and business management, pharmacoeconomics and ethics.

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Ian Mullaney

Dr Ian Mullaney

Drug action, drug effect on cells, nerve damage from pollutants

Dr Mullaney investigates the molecular basis of drug action. In particular, he is interested in the mechanism of action of drugs of abuse and how cells are damaged by certain substances.

He is also researching into neuroprotection mechanisms and therapies used in stroke and other brain diseases.

Dr Mullaney’s other research interests include the pharmacology of old drugs using new technologies and determining the extent of nerve damage upon exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants.

He is a senior lecturer in pharmacology in the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences and a senior researcher in the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory at Murdoch University.

Robert Trengove

Associate Professor Robert Trengove

Separation science and metabolomics

Associate Professor Rob Trengove is the Director for the Murdoch Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory and the node leader for the Murdoch Node of Metabolomics Australia.

Professor Trengove has pioneered the development of MS-based ‘omics techniques for more than 20 years, collaborating with Australian and International researchers and industry.

He currently leads a team of more than 15 researchers working on a diverse range of topics including HIV/AIDs, iron disorders, desalination, microalgae lipidomics, fungal and bacterial metabolomics.

Professor Trengove has published more than 50 high-impact journal articles and has ongoing commercial contract research arrangements with major industry players in the petrochemical, clinical and animal health pharmaceutical sector.

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