Media, Communication and Culture experts

Murdoch experts specialise in media and multimedia theory and production (film, television, radio and online media, as well as broadcast and print journalism), mass communication, public relations, communication and cultural studies, Australian Indigenous Studies and Women's Studies.

Murdoch’s research and production hubs include the Centre For Everyday Life, Interactive Television Research Institute and the Media Arts Centre.

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Mark Jennings

Dr  Mark Jennings

Religion's interplay with popular music and culture, Pentecostalism

Mark Jennings’ research explores the emergence of the global phenomenon of Pentecostalism locally and globally.

He has a keen interest in the interplay between popular forms of religion and popular music and culture, as explored in his recently published book Exaltation: Ecstatic Experience in Pentecostalism and Popular Music.

Dr Jennings also specialises in research methods and methodology in social research, and has been contracted to conduct evaluations of projects by CLAN WA and UnitingCare West.

Aleks Nikoloski

Dr Catherine Archer

Social media, mothers’ blogs, the ethical implications of blogging, public relations, marketing, communications management

A former public relations consultant and community relations manager, Dr Archer is currently researching bloggers, their relationship with PR professionals and marketers and the ethical implications of promoting brands via blogging.

She has been published and spoken at conferences about mothers’ use of social media and the influence of the media on parenting.

She has taught international public relations and currently teaches issues and crisis management and media relations within the School of Arts.
Barbara Evers

Dr Barbara Evers

Culture and society, identity, social views on public emotion, Masterchef

Barbara Evers concentrates on the interplay between culture and society, with a particular interest in histories of person formation or identity.

She is currently working on a project about Masterchef where changing social views on public emotion are explored, and how these have led to the creation of new outlets for emotional display.

She is part of the Figurational/Eliasian network and is co-editor of the journal Human Figurations: long-term perspectives on the human condition.

Leo Murray

Dr Leo Murray

Sound for film and TV, audio technology, music production, forensic audio

Leo Murray’s research interests include the theory and practice of sound for film and television, audio technology and music production, sound design and forensic audio.

His current research is focused on the theory of how we make sense of sound and how this is applied in practice to such things as film, television and games.

He holds a PhD and has appeared on a number of ABC radio programs discussing 'forgotten sounds'.

Dr Murray comes from an industry background, working as a recording engineer and a radio engineer with the BBC. As the Academic Chair of Sound and Radio, he combines theory and practice teaching units in sound studies, popular music, sound production, sound design and soundtracks for film, television and games.

Simon Order - Image

Dr Simon Order

Radio, sound production and music technology

Dr Order’s research specialises in two main areas. First, radio studies, which includes radio production, community media, Australian community radio and radio public policy. Second, music technology studies, which includes user-interface usability, student creativity in sound production studies, music technology in teaching and learning.

His professional background includes audio production roles in the U.K. television and music industry, radio station manager and professional photographer. Dr Order continues his professional practice as a composer and producer of electronic music.

As former Academic Director of Media and Mass Communications for Murdoch University in Dubai, Dr Order developed the United Arab Emirates’ premiere tertiary media education centre. He now teaches units in radio broadcasting, sound production and music technology.

Aleks Nikoloski

Simon Allen

Art and animation

Simon Allen is teaching Art and Animation at Murdoch University in the School of Media, Communication and Culture.

Mr Allen has more than 20 years’ experience in the film and games industry. For the past 17 years he has worked with the world’s best animators and innovators at Disney/Pixar, Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital and George Lucas’s LucasArts.

He has worked on the last five Academy Award winning animated feature films as a 3D animator and was Animation Supervisor on Hollywood films such as Matrix – Revolutions and Constantine. He has worked on numerous games titles including the award winning game Grim Fandango and Star Wars Titles such as The Phantom Menace.

Mr Allen has produced and delivered animation master classes in Australia, has taught at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco and presented in Moscow, France, and Australia.

Chris Smyth

Chris Smyth

Journalism ethics and freedom of speech

Chris Smyth is the Dean of the School of Media, Communication and Culture at Murdoch University. His areas of expertise include media law, journalism ethics, journalists' right and freedom of speech.

His areas of research include journalism ethics, freedom of expression, rights of journalists and labour history.

Gail Phillips

Emeritus Professor Gail Phillips

Journalism, broadcast policy and journalism ethics

Emeritus Associate Professor Gail Phillips researches journalism, broadcast policy, and journalism ethics.

She is co-author of Australian Broadcast Journalism, published by Oxford University Press (2002, 2006, 2013) and Journalism Ethics at Work (Pearson Longman, 2005). She was Chief Investigator on the Australian Asbestos Network project and the Reporting Diversity Project, and is currently a member of the editorial boards of the Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media and the Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies.

Emeritus Professor Phillips spent fourteen years working in commercial and public sector radio at local and national levels and is currently a member of the editorial board of the international Radio Journal and book review editor for the Australian Journalism Review.

Sharon Delmege 3

Dr Sharon Delmege

Social and political impact of new media, politics and the public

Dr Delmege examines links between cultural politics and journalism, and the social and political impact of new media.

She has recently researched Aboriginal housing in Perth, online dating in Australia and curriculum development of innovative methods for online teaching, learning and assessment.

Dr Delmege teaches media audience studies, politics and the public, creativity, innovation and Indigenous culture and knowledge.

Mick Broderick

Dr Mick Broderick

Cultural representations of the Nuclear age, the cold war and the apocalyptic

Associate Professor Broderick is an internationally recognised expert on media and cultural representations of the nuclear age, the Cold War and the apocalyptic with additional interests in Japanese anime, Australian national cinema, trauma theory, masculinity, television and film genre. His collection of Cold War cultural artefacts are currently on exhibition at the Western Australian Museum and across Japan.

Professor Broderick teaches screen theory and cultural and media policy at Murdoch University and actively promotes the creative industries within Australia.

Ingrid Richardson

Dr Ingrid Richardson

New media theory, philosophy of technology and science and phenomenology

Dr Ingrid Richardson specialises in the philosophy of technology and science, phenomenology, interaction design and new media theory, and is currently investigating mobile media, the mobile web, online social networking and urban interfaces.

A Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Communication and Culture at Murdoch University, her teaching areas include new media, mobile media, game design, video game studies, and gender and cultural studies.
Terence Lee

Associate Professor Terence Lee

Asian Media and Political Communication, Media Governance and Cultural Policy, Creative Industries and Economy

A former media policy executive with the Media Development Authority, Singapore and a journalist/writer, Dr Terence Lee is an expert on most aspects of media, culture, politics and the creative industries across Singapore, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. He is a well-known commentator on digital television, radio and the Internet in Australasia and was a former President of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA).

He is an editor or a member of the editorial board of the following international journals: Asian Studies Review, Continuum, Communication Research and Practice, Asia-Pacific Media Educator and SEARCH, and is author of The Media, Cultural Control and Government in Singapore (Routledge, 2010/2012); plus co-editor of: Political Regimes and the Media in Asia (with Krishna Sen, Routledge, 2008), Voting in Change: Politics of Singapore’s 2011 General Election (with Kevin YL Tan, Ethos Books, 2011) and Singapore: State and Society, 1965-2015 (with Jason Lim, Routledge, 2016).

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