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Murdoch University is the administering organisation for the National Centre for Desalination. Our experts are working to future-proof our water supplies from the natural variability of rainfall and potential impacts of climate change through optimising and reducing the carbon footprint of desalination technology.

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Alan Briggs

Wendell Ela

Desalination, water quality management, renewable energy integration into water treatment processes, water reuse and recycle.

Professor Wendell Ela is the Chair of Desalination and Water Treatment at the National Centre for Excellence in Desalination Australia (NCEDA).

His teaching, research and consulting focuses on water and wastewater treatment processes. Particular areas of work include desalination technology development and implementation, heavy metals release and removal, treatment and fate of contaminants of emerging concern in natural and engineering systems, decentralized and off-grid water treatment systems, and integrated water/renewable energy solutions for rural communities and agriculture.

Professor Ela is widely published with over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, is co-author of one of the most widely used textbooks in environmental engineering: Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science, has advised more than 50 Masters and PhD students, and regularly serves on advisory and review committees for regulatory, water management, and environmental research agencies.

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