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Murdoch University’s business expertise spans accounting, banking, business law, Chinese business, economics, entrepreneurship and innovation, human resource management, international business, management, marketing and the media and marketing management.

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Chris Vas

Dr Chris Vas

Organisational productivity, human capital, business and government

Dr Vas’ expertise lies in innovation and productivity policy, human capital development, industry trade policy through global value chains and public management issues.

Through the course of his professional experiences, he has designed and delivered leadership, strategy and management programs for public and private sector clients including Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Areva Energy, Maersk Ltd (Denmark), Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, Coca Cola and Vodafone.

Dr Vas can comment on business productivity, industry trade and global value chains. He is also an expert in organisational behaviour, human capital, public policy making and strategic future planning.

He is the Academic Director of Murdoch’s Executive Education Centre.

Deanna de Zilwa

Dr Deanna de Zilwa

Leadership, managing organisational change, strategic management

Dr de Zilwa’s current research explores how leaders in large complex organisations (firms and non profit companies) can become catalysts for successful organisational change, creating, sustaining and enhancing organisational performance and effectiveness.

She advises executive managers in large organisations on how to develop and implement strategies for successful organisational transformation in complex environments.

Her latest book Academic Units in a Complex, Changing World: Adaptation and Resistance uses case studies of departments, schools and faculties from Australian public universities to explore the reasons why they respond in different ways to similar contemporary challenges.

Megan Paull

Dr Megan Paull

Volunteering and workplace bullying

Dr Megan Paull is Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching and a Senior Lecturer in Management at the Murdoch Business School.

Dr Paull has been researching volunteering in the non-profit sector since the early 1990s and has particular expertise relating to the management of volunteers. She is the Chair of the research committee for Volunteering WA.

Her secondary area of research is workplace bullying. In particular she is interested in the roles of bystanders in workplace bullying.

Dr Paull is also working on a project on cross cultural perspectives of bullying with Associate Professor Maryam Omari from Edith Cowan University and Dr Burcu Guneri from the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey. She is a founding member of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.

Anne Garnett

Dr Anne Garnett

Labour economics, regional economics, rural economics

Anne Garnett’s areas of research expertise include regional economics, labour economics agricultural economics, and population movements. She has published numerous chapters in books and articles in international journals in these areas.

Dr Garnett has also been an invited speaker in the area of regional economics and population movements on a number of occasions, and her research in this area has been featured in numerous radio interviews and newspaper articles.

Dr Garnett is co-author of four very widely used economics textbooks, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Essentials of Economics, and The Australia Economy: Your Guide, published by Pearson Australia.

She is a member of the Centre for Labour Market Research (Canberra branch) and also serves as a committee member of the Economic Society of Australia (WA branch).

Associate Professor Malcolm Tull

Professor Malcolm Tull

Economic theory, history and policy; Asian economic development; maritime economics

An expert in applied maritime economics, maritime economic history and Asian economic development, Professor Malcolm Tull is a fellow of Murdoch University’s Centre for Asian Studies.

He was principal investigator for the Asian History of Marine Animal Populations Project in 2006 and initiated his own investigation into Indonesian shark fishing as part of this multi-national project.

He teaches economic history, theory and policy and has authored several publications on maritime economics and economic history.

Professor Tull is Vice-President of the International Maritime Economic History Association and President of the Economic Society of Australia Inc, Western Australian Branch.

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