Murdoch Sports

Social Sports

Weekly Fixtured Sports:

  • Monday evening - Mixed Netball
  • Friday evening - Mixed Futsal

Clash of The College's Commencing Week 3 Tuesday 12th 2019!

Social Sports Commencing Week 4 Semster 1!

Monday Mixed Netball Week 1 & Week 2 Fixtures Here

Monday Mixed Netball Ladder Here

Please email if you require players for your team from the adoption list.

Weekly Beats & Balls:

Drop in any time and play round robin style games with whoever shows. No commitment, No fee.

  • Monday            1-2pm           Badminton       Murdoch Indoor Sports Courts
  • Tuesday            1-2pm           Basketball       Murdoch Indoor Sports Courts
  • Wednesday       1-2pm           Volleyball       Murdoch Indoor Sports Courts
  • Thursday          1-2pm           Tennis             Murdoch Outdoor Sports Courts
  • Friday               1-2pm           Table Tennis   Murdoch Indoor Multi Sports Room