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Anhui Lin

Veterinary Science

Anhui LinMasterClass created a golden opportunity for me to diversify while pursuing a highly specialized, intensive Veterinary Science course.

Whether it's heading a team in a surgical room, government body or corporate organisation, veterinarians in both private and public practice inevitably hold leadership roles. The modern concepts of adaptive and distributed leadership that were discussed in "Effective Leadership" are highly applicable in today's dynamically challenging working environment. We learnt how to work with others to build a successful team, reflecting upon and enhancing our own leadership styles.

"Accounting for Managers" was a highly enriching crash-course in financial and management accounting. Equipped with the basics of number-crunching, we created a financial budget for our very own start-up business plan, and presented the proposed budget to potential investors. Having this good understanding of fundamental accounting principles would be highly beneficial in building and managing a successful business.

Brett Kessner

Education + Internetworking and Security

Brett KessnerWhen I was first invited to participate in the program I was reluctant to take on more study when I was already doing a double degree. However, after taking on the Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration through the program, I was overwhelmed by how relevant it really was. What I realised was that, in any given field, in order to advance into upper management, you need staff and business management skills. The MasterClass program has added a new dimension to my studies, and given me the confidence to take on any role and at any level of an organisation.

Brett Shields

Management + Human Resource Management with minor in Business Law

Brett ShieldsI currently work in the industry and I am well aware of the requirements to differentiate myself in the job market and to be competitive for the best jobs.

A postgraduate qualification is an excellent way to set yourself ahead of the pack in the job market. I'd always planned to study at a postgraduate level, and MasterClass helps me get where I want to go faster.

I'm planning to use my postgraduate qualification as a stepping stone to further my career progression. I'd like to live and work overseas. I also expect that I'll be back for more postgraduate study at some stage too. I think that the communication, leadership and in-depth analysis skills I've learned at Murdoch will help me stand out in the job market, as an employee that can really add value to an organisation.

Claire Stannard

Mass Communication

Claire StannardMasterClass has been an excellent compliment to my undergraduate degree. The skills and knowledge I have gained have not only benefited my studies, but have been directly transferable to my professional role. Studying "Effective Leadership" has broadened my thinking to incorporate a more holistic approach to my work, balancing a strong focus on people and personal interactions with a strategic business approach.

Organisations today are accountable to such a wide range of stakeholders and responsibilities. Increasing your knowledge to gain an understanding of a variety of business functions will add value to any organisation both for your employer and to the wider environment in which the organisation operates.

Colm Morrison


Colm MorrisonI originally enrolled just to get a postgraduate qualification under my belt, however the program has complimented my science degree by providing an understanding of business practices, something science graduates often have little exposure to. Whether I continue further study by research or obtain employment, MasterClass has developed numerous skills such as communication, team working and leadership.

Research scientists are often part of a larger team and have to deal with organisations to help with such things as commercialisation and funding, and so these skills are highly beneficial. It has also provided the opportunity to meet interesting people from various disciplines and backgrounds, and develop a network of talented friends and colleagues.

Jeremy Ong

Psychology + Management

Jeremy OngI undertook the program in the winter semester of 2007, enrolling in both "Marketing Management" and "Organisational Behaviour and Management". I originally chose to embark on this journey for the opportunity to kick-start the postgraduate phase of my education. The real bonus turned out to be the chance to work with the talented classmates and lecturers during those two months, and useful working life-skills I learnt.

I am currently working as a Project Recruitment Consultant in Chandler Macleod Consulting, and I will probably be heading down the direction of Organisational Development and Management Consultancy. How has MasterClass contributed? It gives you a more grounded understanding of the business world, it has taught me presentation skills, to be proactive in networking with organisations, teamwork values, and has opened career opportunities I have never considered before.

Lloyd Johnson

Business Information Systems + Internet Computing

Lloyd JohnsonMasterClass has turned out to be an incredibly valuable addition to my IT degree. It has given me a perspective into how businesses work and how to act like a professional in the IT Industry. I feel that the knowledge that it has given me will open the doors to further opportunities, such as managing IT teams or leading an IT enterprise. My IT degree will be essential for the next 5 years of my career but I believe it is my MasterClass business studies that will enable me to reach my full potential in the IT industry. For anyone studying IT that wants to go further than being a Coder, System Administrator or Analyst I would highly recommend MasterClass.

Mark King

Biotechnology + Molecular Biology

Mark KingThe Certificate in Business Administration compliments my studies perfectly. While it makes me more attractive to a potential employer it also gives me the skills, understanding and confidence I need to move in a business environment. Intense, challenging and the chance to study with motivated students from other disciplines, I recommend MasterClass to those who are given the opportunity.

Sarah Davies

Environmental Science

Sarah DaviesWhen I first received an invitation to MasterClass I didn't think it was relevant to science. However, after sitting down and thinking about it, I realised that the skills I could gain would be beneficial to any career. Studying subjects such as "Effective Leadership" has taught me how to become the leader that I want to be and I now realise that this is beneficial to any situation, especially teamwork, as is often the case in the science fields. I don't have a clear vision of where I want to be in 10 years time and so enrolled in MasterClass to enhance any path I may choose to take- be it the manager of an environmental consultancy firm or a field worker.

Titania Young

Politics and International Studies + Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Titania YoungI signed up in the winter of 2007 not really knowing what to expect. Although I was initially excited to be acknowledged for my high marks and eligibility to participate in the program, it meant paying out more money in fees and spending less time with my family. It was worth it! As a mature-age student MasterClass has taught me what I already know, but didn't know I knew. It has introduced me to a whole new vocabulary by explaining the theory behind the practical experience I have gained throughout my working life. The program has been of enormous benefit to me because it has provided a link between my academic knowledge and the real world. I now understand so much more about how I can apply the skills I have gained in my undergraduate degree. MasterClass has given me a new sense of confidence as I graduate and move into my new career.

My tip: It is a good idea to take "Principles of Management" as a general elective prior to MasterClass if you have not done any business units before.

Vanessa Fernandez-Kennedy

Manager - Alumni, Careers and Employment Centre

Vanessa Fernandez-KennedyMasterClass is a unique, dynamic opportunity for high performing students to access a wider choice of challenging career options. Major recruiters consistently look for talent who demonstrate initiative, strong communication, excellent self-management competencies, broad vision to achieve success, and presence.

MasterClass fosters these qualities, offering a stimulating study environment where students from different disciplines come together to develop practical business understanding and application. This augurs well in any work environment and therefore graduates from the program will have the competitive edge in realising their career aspirations.

Jessica Karanski

Law + English and Creative Arts

Jessica KaranskiTheatre is my passion and I have directed, acted and produced a number of theatre productions in WA. I also sit on the board of a number of arts organisations, including the YCulture Arts Board and the Propelarts Board.

Looking to the future I would love to be the CEO of an Arts organisation or move into arts policy development. I chose to be involved in MasterClass as the units will directly assist me by providing extra resources and skills in management and business efficacy. I completed "Organisational Behaviour and Management" in Winter '07 and will be taking "Accounting for Managers" and "Effective Leadership" later in my degree. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in this exciting and innovative program.

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