At the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, we realise that financial problems can sometimes become a barrier to you completing and succeeding in your studies.

Lots of students struggle financially at some point during their course, and the hard times can really impact on the amount of time you can devote to your studies.

There are a huge variety of scholarships for different circumstances such as:

  • personal and financial hardship;
  • what you are studying; and
  • where you are living.

A good starting point when investigating scholarships is to contact the Kulbardi student support co-ordinator who can give advice on which scholarships are available to you, and can provide application forms and general information.


We have scholarships covering the following areas:

  • K-Track
  • Health disciplines such as Psychology, Nursing, Chiropractic or Exercise Science
  • High-School Leavers and Commencing Students
  • High Achievement at either TAFE or High-School
  • Pre-Law Fee Waivers
  • Accommodation costs
  • Childcare
  • Laptops
  • Regional Students

Search here to explore the above or to see more Scholarships presently available to Indigenous students.