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Applying to Murdoch

Applying to start in Semester 1

Applications to commence an undergraduate degree in Semester 1 can now be made by applying online to Murdoch.

Just follow these five simple steps to apply:


Choose your six course preferences. If you’re not yet sure what preferences suit you, here’s some resources which may help:

2 Register on the TISC website using your WACE Candidate Number or TISC Number provided by your school.
3 Complete your application form, making sure to pay any fees and indicate whether you think you’re entitled to a credit or exemption for previous study.
4 Print off your application coversheet and submit all the supporting documents TISC requires listed on it.
5 Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Once you have applied and TISC has processed your application processing fee, TISC will send you an email confirmation.

Please note: you can still apply through TISC until Monday 23 January. Check out the TISC website for more information.


Not sure what happens next? Read more about the TISC offer process.

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