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At Murdoch University, our postgraduate coursework programs bring together cutting edge theory and real world practice to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need for successful professional careers. We aim to create leaders, innovative thinkers, and problem solvers who are capable of tackling contemporary issues on a local, national and global level.

Finding time to study

Generally, you should allocate around 10 hours per week per unit for study, which includes classes, personal study, research and work on assignments. This study time will obviously need to fit around your work and family commitments, so we offer various study modes for most courses:

  • Full- or part-time options – more than 80% of our postgrad students study a part time load. For many courses you can commit to just one unit per semester.
  • Convenient class times – some classes are scheduled in the evening to suit students who work full time or need to organise childcare, others may be taught in intensive blocks.
  • External study – you’ll receive the materials you need and you'll be able to access class notes online. You can also listen to lectures online, getting the benefits of classes without being on campus.

A range of support services

There’s plenty of support services available:

Choosing the right course

If you’re interested in a postgraduate degree, but are not sure what course to do, here are some tools to help:

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