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The TISC offer process

Here we outline the process for university offers if you’ve lodged your application with the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

End of December: Find out your ATAR score

If you sat your WACE exams your results will be available on the TISC website from 30 December 2015.

Once you’ve received your ATAR score you can work out your options.

  • You can browse Murdoch’s courses by ATAR to figure out all the courses you can get into.
  • You can talk to a Murdoch Student Advisor about our courses or perhaps alternative paths into university if your ATAR score is lower than you expected, even over the holiday period.
  • You can also arrange to sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) if you failed English. TISC runs the test in January so you can still start in Semester 1.

  • You can sit the STAT test if:
    • You are 20 years old or over. 
    • You don’t have any qualifications or didn’t finish high school.
  • You do NOT need to sit the STAT test if:
    • You have a TAFE Certificate IV or more. 
    • You’ve completed two or more units at any uni. 
    • You sat your high school exams longer ago than you care to admit. 
  • You sit the STAT test by:
    • Booking through TISC (check their site for test dates in Perth - they hold them through May to January each year).
  • Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been out of the system for a while as there are STAT prep courses you can do and plenty of example questions on Google.
  • You can also just sit the English component of the STAT test if you have a decent ATAR score but you failed English in year 12.
  • If you are applying for Semester 1 you apply through TISC, even if you’re not a school leaver!
  • If you are applying for mid-year entry (Semester 2) you sit the test through TISC and then apply directly through Murdoch online.
  • The STAT test won’t get you directly into some of our courses, such as Vet, Chiro, Law and Psychology Honours.

Start of January: Adjust your preferences (if you want to)

If you’ve re-thought what you’d like to study in Semester 1, you can change your preferences until 6 January 2016. Be sure to read our guide to getting your TISC preferences right.

Mid-January: First round of offers released

First round university offers are released on 20 January 2016.

  • Inform TISC of change of postal and email addresses by 15 January 2016.
  • If you’re away, make sure to arrange for someone to check your mail and consider giving written authority to TISC, nominating someone who can discuss your offers with them.
  • You will only receive one offer in each round via post.
  • You need to either accept your offer to secure your place, defer if you want to start in another semester, or reject if you have changed your mind.
  • Use a safety net: You could try to get another offer in the second round by moving your offer to a lower position through preference changes with TISC, or wait and see whether you get a higher preference in second round.
  • If you didn’t get an offer you could consider changing your preferences with TISC and/or wait for second round offers.

Remember that if you don’t do anything your offer will be withdrawn!

End of January: Second round of offers

Second round offers will be made based on places that are still available after first round offers.

  • If you are considering changing your preferences for second round, contact the Student Centre to find out whether there are places available in the courses you’re interested in.
  • You might want to talk to a Murdoch Student Advisor about what courses you can get into, or what paths you can take to get into university.
  • Change of preferences for second round can be done via TISC online by 25 January 2016.
  • Second round offers will be released on 3 February 2016.

Start of February: Start your journey to university

If you’ve received an offer, congratulations! The next step would be to accept your offer online.

If you haven’t received an offer, you can speak to our Student Advisors about finding an alternate pathway into the course you want to study.

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