The lecturers of Screen Production at Murdoch University

Meet Melanie Rodriga

Senior Lecturer, Screen and Sound

“Making films in industry is tough, for myself and our graduates. So it’s a fine art to create a supportive yet challenging environment for our students and readies them for industry.

Here we get to make some great short films but I’ve been working to make feature film-making happen during their studies. Two of our Masters students have made features and last year a group of third year students had learnt enough Screen and Sound production skills to crew my latest feature film myPastmyPresent at a professional standard.

This has been a creative high for which I’m truly grateful. I don’t know of any other universities in Australia where this could have happened and it’s given myself and the students involved a deeper understanding of what we’ve been learning and how we put that into practice.”

+ see behind the scenes footage from myPastmyPresent

Awards and Achievements

  • I have just finished shooting my fourth feature film, myPastmyPresent working solely with an undergraduate crew. My last feature Teesh & Trude, shot on campus here, screened at international film festivals and was nominated for three AFI awards in 2003. I’ve also shot documentaries, short films, TV dramas and edited dozens of TV commercials.

+ Visit the official film website for myPastmyPresent


  • BA (Hons) Murdoch, in final year candidacy PhD.