The lecturers of [course:name] at Murdoch University

Garry Baverstock - Image Meet Adjunct Professor Garry Baverstock AM

"I enjoy teaching post-graduate students because they have a desire to be better professionals. Business as usual is not working all that well in every sphere and particularly in the fields associated with Climate Change issue. The only effective way to change culture and unworkable attitudes is by education and training. It is the most cost effective way to make a difference.

"I get inspired when students go the extra distance to improve themselves and study beyond the minimum that is needed to achieve the qualification. It shows to me that they will be successful and I start to learn from them as well.

"When I hear an ex student has gotten a good job or position then I feel that me and my colleagues have achieved what we set out to do. Also when students graduate and become in some way a colleague in the field then I know I have increased the potential for a group of people rather than just a few individuals, who can make a difference in making the world a better and more sustainable place for our descendants."