Speak to the world with Communication and Media Studies

This course will give you the critical skills required to understand communications in an ever changing digital global industry.

Understand how communication and media works

You'll be learning from active scholars, research-leaders and industry experts about the power of communication and its impact on society and culture. You will develop the knowledge and creative skills to work as communication specialists and produce high quality texts that communicate effectively using text, sound and vision. You will also develop the research skills to critically analyse global media issues, cultural and media policies, and audience behaviour.

You will have access to professional placement for on-the-job-training and graduates have access to multi-discipline Graduate Program roles with state government departments.

Careers in Communication and Media Studies

Graduates work as Information, Media and Communications Officers and Managers and as researchers in large corporations and government departments; as Consultants in Communication Policy and Strategy roles; as Creatives for advertising agencies, Campaign Specialists for marketing groups, and in marketing and promotions for not-for-profit groups; as Stakeholder Liaison Personnel in the arts, media and entertainment sectors, public relations, marketing and advertising.

OR graduates embark on a research career by enrolling for further studies at Honours and postgraduate level.