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Our Degrees are changing.

In 2014, Part I (first year) units will be introduced with Part II (second year and higher) units becoming available in subsequent years. Detailed information about Part II will be available here from mid-2014.

Find out more about our new degrees, or to get in touch and ask us what this means for you head to AskMurdoch. Continuing students can still access information for degrees commencing 2013 and prior in the Course Handbook.

Use Animal Science to improve food and fibre production

Learn how to improve quality, safety, sustainability and humane practice as an Animal Scientist.

Learn from experience

This course will teach you farm and agricultural practices, animal management, disease control, and molecular DNA Techniques so that you understand how food and fibre production works and can find new ways to improve these techniques.

You'll also be trained in animal handling, have the chance to work on an independent research project, and take part in industry placements, applying your knowledge and practical training.

Become one of Australia's most wanted

With over 75% of our Animal Science graduates in full time employment, and 20% pursuing further study according to Gradlink surveys over the past five years, this course provides clear employment opportunities. You'll enjoy a range of roles, varying from consultancy, technical advisors, and government research.

You'll also gain professional recognition from the Ag Institute Australia.