Mentoring opportunities for students

At Murdoch University there are several options how you can boost your career development skills and future career opportunities via mentoring programs. A mentoring program connects a student (mentee) with a more experienced person (mentor).
Below is a list of several mentoring programs you might like to get involved in (as a mentor or mentee) whilst studying at Murdoch University.

  • Murdoch Law Career Mentoring Program

    The inaugural Murdoch Law Career Mentoring Program is a pilot program that runs from May to October this year. This mentoring program is about matching current Law students (mentees) with industry professionals (mentors). Mentors have at least 3 years of industry experience. The aim of the program is an exchange of knowledge and industry experience with a focus on career development. This will ease the transition from university to employment upon completion of your studies.

    The Law Career Mentoring Program assists you with
    - enhancing your personal career development skills
    - creating networking opportunities for future career development
    - clarifying future career journey and direction.

    Requirements: You must be an enrolled Murdoch University Law student and preferably in your penultimate or final year. Please keep in mind that this a pilot program and places are limited. You will be contacted by May regarding the outcome of your application.

    Law Career Mentoring Program - Closing date for expressions of interest was March 2017.

  • MSEL - Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders Program

    The Murdoch Guild and Murdoch University want to encourage and support students to become engaged in the WA community and actively work on their career development. MSEL is a project-based leadership program. It gives you the opportunity to work together in interdisciplinary teams to complete projects for local not-for-profit community partners. The MSEL program supports your professional networking through its mentoring via MSEL Alumni Mentors and Professional Mentors.  Professional Mentors are working professionals who are matched with participants (mentees) to assist with their career development. Find out more about MSEL!

  • Murdoch e-Mentoring Network Group on LinkedIn

    The Murdoch e-Mentoring Network on LinkedIn is a free service exclusive to Murdoch University students and graduates looking to develop their professional careers and increase their industry involvement. It provides a network of Murdoch students and graduates, providing a forum for the sharing of information and experiences relevant to their career development. Be part of group discussions and read career/job search articles of even specific career questions for group members.

    Become a Murdoch e-Mentoring Network Group member now!

There are also other mentoring programs at Murdoch University that might be of interest to you: