2019 Calendar of Events

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Date Event Topic Location
25 Jun MOVE Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section Online
29 Jun IMHA Seminar Clinical Guidelines update for immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia - IMHA and thromboembolic disease Murdoch University
30 Jul MOVE Examination and Conditions of the Fundus Online
3-4 Aug TPLO Workshop TPLO Surgery Workshop Murdoch University
14 Aug DermClub Demodicosis in the dog and cat: an update on diagnosis and treatment in 2019 The Saint George Hotel
20 Aug MOVE Canine osteosarcoma management in general practice Online
24 Sep MOVE Adrenal tumors in canines Online
16 Oct DermClub Dermatophytosis in the dog and cat: an update on diagnosis and treatment in 2019 Murdoch University
22 Oct MOVE Renal Replacement Therapy Online
30 Oct Vet Nurse Acid Base Analysis Murdoch University
30-31 Oct Arthroscopy Principles of Arthroscopy for Small Animal Practitioners Murdoch University
1-2 Nov Arthroscopy Small Animal Advanced Arthroscopy - Stifle Joint Murdoch University
12 Nov MOVE Stay afloat in the cavitary effusions: a focus on pathogenesis and diagnosis Online
4 Dec DermClub Endocrine alopecia: hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism: update on diagnosis and therapy The Saint George Hotel