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Kit bookings and availability

What is in the Box?

The kit contains everything required to conduct simulations of gel electrophoresis as well as instruction sheets for teachers, technicians and students:

  • powerpacks
  • gel electrophoresis tanks
  • pipettors and tips
  • tubes and a set of dyes for electrophoresis
  • agar to cast gels
  • coloured water for pipetting practise    

Each kit comprises enough equipment for a class of about thirty students and enough consumables for multiple sessions.  Extra consumables can also be requested.

When is it available?

Nine kits are  available for loan to metropolitan and country schools.

Use the link below to see when the kit is available:

Kit availability
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Bookings are now open for 2018

We have opened bookings for 2018.  Check the kit availability calendar for prospective booking dates.

There are also kits still available for fourth term 2017 bookings.

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