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Unveil the intricate realm of crime and explore rewarding career paths in criminology. As a criminologist, you'll delve into the fascinating intersections of psychology, sociology, and law enforcement. Our courses open doors to diverse careers such as Criminologist, Prison or Probation Officer, Social Worker, Crime Scene Officer, Financial Crime Analyst – as well as opportunities within police, investigative, and security services. 

You can choose to specialise in Crime Science, Criminal Behaviour, Legal Studies, or White Collar and Corporate Crimes to develop expertise in your chosen field. Join us in unravelling the complexities of crime and making a positive impact on society.

Criminologists mentorship

Be mentored by real-life criminologists who will inspire you to investigate social and crime problems from a range of perspectives

Specialised majors

Choose from Australia's only specialised criminology majors: Crime Science and White Collar and Corporate Crime, and Forensic Biology and Toxicology.

Solve real cold cases

Help solve real-life homicide and missing persons cases through our Cold Case Review initiative.

Why study criminology at Murdoch?

Embark on a remarkable journey in criminology at Murdoch University, where our program stands out for its exceptional offerings. With exclusive access to four specialised criminology majors, including Crime Science and White Collar and Corporate Crime—the only majors of their kind in Australia—you'll gain a distinctive advantage in the field.

Engage in our unique Cold Case Review initiative, where you'll actively contribute to solving real-life homicide and missing person cases, acquiring invaluable hands-on experience. Benefit from the guidance of accomplished criminologists who bring their real-world expertise to mentor you, enabling the exploration of social and crime problems from diverse perspectives.

When studying Criminology at Murdoch, you’ll develop essential skills in evidence-based analysis, psychological understanding of offenders, critical evaluation, and fostering inclusivity and rights.

This solid foundation will prepare you for an exhilarating career across a range of industries, from Police Officer, Investigator, Prison or Probation Officer, Social Worker and Counsellors, Financial Crime Analyst, Compliance Officer and Policy Officer – as well as other opportunities within police, investigative, and security services.

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Criminology courses at Murdoch

Explore the dynamic world of Criminology at Murdoch University, offering specialised majors and hands-on experience. Discover our courses now.

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Abbey Hassett, Bachelor of Criminology graduate
Exploring Murdoch’s options, I discovered I could do a double major in criminology that allowed me to cover both the psychology and science aspects of the field. I particularly love the science units and how hands-on they are — forensic anthropology is definitely my favourite unit so far.
Abbey Hassett, Bachelor of Criminology graduate

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