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Policies, Procedures and Useful Information

Policies and Procedures

Academic Calendars Procedure
Academic Monitoring and Progression Policy
Academic Monitoring and Progression Procedure
Academic Progression Mandatory Interview Guideline
Academic Progression Mandatory Interview Procedure
Admissions (Coursework) Policy
Advanced Standing Policy
Assessment Policy
- Rights and Responsibilities - Assessment Policy 2016 August 01 Attachment 1
Assessment Guideline
- Comparability Framework - Assessment Guideline 2016 Jan 01 Attachment 1
- Formal Moderation - Assessment Guideline 2016 Jan 01 Attachment 2
Assessment Procedure
- Supplementary Assessment Letter of Advice template - Assessment Procedure 2016 August 01 Attachment 1
- Supplementary Assessment Flowchart - Assessment Procedure 2016 August 01 Attachment 2
College Regulations
Copyright Policy
Coursework Regulations
Curriculum Policy
Curriculum Management Procedure
English Language Policy
Enrolments Policy

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy
Fee Rules
Internationalisation Policy
Language of Instruction Procedure
Library Collections Policy
Results Procedure
Risk Management Policy
Sexual Harm Policy
Sexual Harm Procedure
Sexual Harm Procedure - Dubai
Statute No. 26 – Student Misconduct
Student Appeals Policy
Student Appeals Procedure
Student Code of Conduct
Student Disability Inherent Requirements Guideline
Student Disability Policy
Student Disability Reasonable Adjustment Guideline
Student Discipline Procedure
Student Discipline Regulations
Thematic Quality Review Procedure
TNE Contract Management Procedure
TNE Course Offering with Partners Procedure
TNE Financial Management Procedure
Transnational Education via Partnerships Policy

Unit Materials Standard
Units Policy
- Request for Exemption from the Units Policy Form - Units Policy Attachment 1
- Student Workload Hours - Units Policy Attachment 2
- Unit Coding Conventions and Schedule effective 01 Jan 14 - Units Policy Attachment 3
- Unit Coordinator Role Description - Units Policy Attachment 4
Unit Material Licence Policy

Useful Information

Exam Script Viewing Process during COVID-19 restrictions
Exam Script Viewing Application Form for TNE Students
In-term Assessment Management for TNE Partners
- Application for Deferred In-term Assessment for TNE students
Murdoch University Curriculum Commission White Paper Non-Discriminatory Language Guidelines

Transnational Education: A Guide for Communication between Unit Coordinators and Affiliate Staff
Study Abroad + Perth Relocation Application for TNE Students
Frequently Asked Questions for Study Abroad and Relocating to Perth