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Reviewing Marks and Re-marking

Students have the right to request an explanation about the mark they received on any assessment component they have completed during the relevant teaching period, including the final examination. The Assessment Policy, Assessment Procedure, and Assessment Guideline have clear guidelines on the grounds for requesting a re-mark and the process for re-marking.

Initially, students should discuss any concerns with the staff member who marked their work or the Unit Coordinator. A request for a remark should be made to the Unit Coordinator within 10 University Business Days of when the mark was released. The Unit Coordinator may elect to arrange a re-mark. Any such re-mark authorised by the Unit Coordinator will be final. Where a request for a re-mark is not granted by the Unit Coordinator, the student may submit a formal request to the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching within a further 10 University Business Days.

A re-mark will only be undertaken where a student can demonstrate one of the following grounds:

  • The mark for the assessment activity was not based on the published marking guidelines;
  • The marking demonstrated bias affecting the assessment; or
  • The marking demonstrated wrong advice from staff teaching the unit.

The following are not valid grounds for a re-mark:

  • The objectives of the unit.
  • The assessments approved for the unit.
  • The standard required to achieve a particular mark in the unit or assessment activity.
  • A study overload.
  • Personal and medical problems, which normally should be dealt with by deferred assessment.
  • Financial implications of not passing the unit.
  • Grades received by the student in other units or other assessment activities.
  • The amount of work the student has done in the unit.
  • A penalty imposed for plagiarism in accordance with University policies.
  • The need for additional marks to achieve a particular grade.
  • A penalty imposed for late submission in accordance with advice published in the Unit Information and Learning Guide and/or unit website.

The re-marked result will be the officially recorded result for that assessment activity regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the original mark. Any assessment component and or final examination can only be remarked once.

The result of a re-mark takes the place of the original mark and is final. Please see Assessment Procedure 2016 August 01 Section 4 for more details.