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The Venue

Situated where the Rhône River leaves Lac Léman and capital of the canton with the same name, Geneva is in the centre of Western Europe.

Human Rights Program Venue

The venue: the John Knox Centre

Being a key city for the development of Human Rights, Geneva is truly global. With over 40% of its inhabitants from different parts of the world, the city itself is a host to some 200 international organizations, including of course the United Nations European headquarters, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and the International Committee of the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

The Centre international réformé John Knox provides accommodation and lecture facilities to participants of the Murdoch School of Law International Human Rights Program in peaceful surroundings. The John Knox Centre is a mere 10-20 minutes walk from the WHO, ILO, UN, Red Cross amongst other international institutions, and the city centre – but more importantly, it is only a five minute bus ride away from France!

Students will be sharing living facilities in pairs for the duration of the programme, or they can elect to take a single room at an increased cost. All students are given the opportunity to choose their roommates and the School of Law will attempt to accommodate the wishes of students to the best of their ability.