School of law

The Program

The 2019 program will run from Sunday 28th June 2020 - 16th July 2020

The program is open for application to all Australian law students that have satisfied the pre-requisites.

Participants need a solid foundation of legal knowledge to participate in this program because the subjects are demanding elective subjects. A sufficient foundation can be demonstrated by having successfully concluded all or most of Part 1 units or an equivalent level of foundational knowledge as well as Constitutional Law.

The following three units are scheduled to be offered in the European Summer Program in Law:

The units are Murdoch University School of Law units, taught intensively in English.  Each unit will be taught in intensive mode for about 24 lecture hours and will be worth 3 credit points. All classes will be conducted either in the morning and/or afternoon so as to enable students to pursue other scholarly or curricular activities.

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Students may enrol in one, two or three units, for a maximum of 9 credit points. As this does not constitute a full second semester load (12 credit points), Murdoch Students also need to enrol and complete at least one unit in Semester 2. Students who successfully complete this Program’s units may receive credits towards their LLB degree at their respective Australian universities. All grades awarded are Murdoch Law School grades.

The program is offered as cross-institutional study.

Please note that results will not be available until after Board of Examiners approves those results at the end of semester 2.

You can find the application and waiver form HERE, please send both the application form and waiver form as well as a copy of the deposit to Shirley Jones on as early as possible as we need to work out expected accommodation requirements well in advance.