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Credit and exemptions for previous study

Advanced Standing

Murdoch University may be able to award credit or exemptions towards your degree if you have previously studied at another university or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). At Murdoch, we call this process Advanced Standing, however some institutions also refer this to Recognise Prior Learning or Credit and Exemptions.

How to apply

TISC Applications

Student applying via TISC can nominate themselves for an advanced standing assessment during the TISC application process. Just tick the Advanced Standing box. You can then head to our Useful Forms page and complete one of the Advanced Standing Forms to help assist the Accreditation and Advanced Standing Officers with your assessment. You can email this form directly to the inbox.

Direct Applications

Current students or students applying directly to Murdoch must complete one of the one of the Advanced Standing Forms, located on the Useful Forms page in order to request for an assessment. This form should be emailed to for processing.

Is there an Articulation Arrangement for block credit into my course?

Murdoch University has many Articulation Arrangements with Registered Training Organisations, which include the TAFEs in Western Australia, and many institutions outside of Australia. You can search here for your previously completed qualification in Australia or International

For more information about Articulation Pathways and frequently asked questions, click here

Am I eligible for Advanced Standing?

High School Studies

You are not eligible for and credit or exemptions towards your Murdoch course. Although, you may be eligible for a preclusion if you have studied Year 12 Chemistry, Mathematics and/or Physics within the past 3 years and your Murdoch Course has Major Prerequisites. These preclusions should be applied upon your entry to Murdoch University, however you are encouraged  email if you  are experiencing invalid units which required CHE140, MAS164 or PEN120 as prerequisites.

Registered Training Organisations, TAFES and Universities

If you have a completed Diploma or higher, or an incomplete Advanced Diploma or higher, then you may be eligible for some advanced standing towards your Murdoch Course. You must have an Accreditation and Advanced Standing Officer assess your qualification in order to find out how much credit and exemptions can be transferred to your Murdoch course. Please follow the 'How to apply' instruction to have your qualification assessed.

Note: Qualifications from outside of Australia will need to be assessed to determined the AQF Level equivalent. You can have a formal assessment by the Overseas Qualification Unit or an informal assessment by the Murdoch University Accreditation and Advanced Standing Officers.

Professional and/or Work Experience

We may recognise prior learning for one or more units based on professional or work experience. Students seeking exemptions from core or specified electives should submit the Advanced Standing (Informal/Non-Formal Learning). located on the Useful Forms page, with their supporting documents to the inbox for processing. Students should contact their Academic Chairs before submitting an application.

How long will it take to assess my Advanced Standing?

This depends on how complicated your assessment is, if you have submitted your supporting documents, or if your final results have been provided. The Accreditation and Advanced Standing Team aim to contact you regarding your assessment within two weeks of your receiving your offer. This email will inform you if your assessment is complete, with the Academic Chair, or if we need unit outlines or your final results.

How will I be notified of my Advanced Standing?

The Accreditation and Advanced Standing Team will email you your Advanced Standing letter to you. We will use the email address that is located on your student record, we urge you to keep this email address up to date. We also encourage you to monitor your Spam and Junk folders, as some email providers may flag Murdoch Emails as spam.

I am going to enrol in a double major, or include a minor to my degree. Should I notify the Accreditation and Advanced Standing Team about this?

Yes you should. You should list your desired double major/minor combination when requesting for an advanced standing assessment. This will ensure that all of your course structures are taken into account when assessing your advanced standing. You should not repeat units unless the unit content has changed or if you want to refresh your memory.

Can I remove Advanced Standing after it has been applied?

Yes you can, however you cannot reapply the advanced standing if you attempt that unit and fail it or withdraw from it after the census date. We encourage you to consult your Academic Chair if you want to remove a unit so you can revise the content, the Academic Chair may have some better options for you.

Is there a limit to the amount of credit I can be awarded?

Murdoch University's Coursework Regulations (Effective January 01 2016) state, under section 1.11 (1), that:

"a student must complete at least 50% of the Murdoch University Part II Credit Points from the requirements of their Course and Major or Minor in which the student is graduating, or from the related Units as determined by the Academic Chair which has not been used to fulfil the requirements of another completed Course of the same level or are not being credited concurrently towards another Course."

Essentially, this means that you must complete at least half of the Part II Units (i.e. ABC2XX, ABC3XX, etc.) listed in your course structures in order to be eligible to graduate with a Murdoch degree. You can view your course structure in the Online Handbook.

Where can I locate my Advanced Standing?

You can view your advanced standing after you have accepted your offer. After accepting your offer, you should go into MyInfo, which can be accessed via the Current Students Portal.

Once logged into MyInfo, you will need to proceed to the Course and Unit Details tab, and then click View More. This section will allow you to view your course progression throughout your entire degree. The Advanced Standing link will display the advanced standing that has been awarded to you.

Will the Professional body in my industry recognise the advanced standing awarded to my course?

We strongly encourage students to consult the relevant professional bodies to confirm that any advanced standing awarded will be accepted upon registration. Certain professional bodies, such as the Certified Practising Accounting (CPA), may not accept or recognise advanced standing awarded with a degree. Contacting them now may make the difference between having to study an additional semester or two towards the end of your degree.

The professional bodies for your industry should be listed in the Online Handbook. Just search for your course and see I fit has a Professional Recognition section in the Course Outline.

My previous qualification/study is not recent; will I still be able to receive advanced standing?

The Accreditation and Advanced Standing Officers will consult your Academic Chair to determine if you are eligible for advanced standing.

Some industries require your qualification, including advanced standing, to have been completed within a particular timeframe. This restriction is commonly associate with courses that require professional registration upon your graduation (i.e. Chiropractic, Nursing, etc.).

Students with qualification or studies that are not recent and would like to seek specific exemption or credit should be prepared to demonstrate their competencies and/or knowledge and/or skills to their Academic Chair.

I'm a Murdoch Students who changes courses; will my previous credit be transferred over?

Yes, if possible, we will honour your previous study at Murdoch Univeristy. If you have applied for a course transfer by submitting a course transfer form located on the Useful Forms page then your previous credit and units should be automatically duplicated into your new course. The Student Records (Enrolment and Fees) Team will liaise with the Accreditation and Advanced Standing Team to ensure that your previous advanced standing are reassessed for your new course.

If you applied for a new course then you will not be eligible for the automatic transfer of credit and units. You will need to follow the above 'How to apply' instructions in order to have your previous Murdoch units applied to your new course.

Please note that you may not be able to use all of your credit from your previous study. This is because your new course may have different or additional core units that you must complete, or you may be required to complete the new course's transition, breadth or research skills units. We recommend that you consult your Student Advisors if you are contemplating a course transfer.

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