Teachers and career advisors

Explore our range of events and resources designed to support school teachers, career advisors and support staff.

At Murdoch, we appreciate the vital role that you play in helping students prepare for their future at university and afterwards.

To support educators we host a range of professional development events throughout the year to train, support, and help you develop through your career. We also offer other events such as the Career Masterclass, for career advisors and teachers who are involved in career guidance.

We also offer a range of events and resources tailored for future undergraduate students as well as their parents and families.


  • Careers Masterclass

    Our Careers Masterclass is a fantastic professional development opportunity if you’re a career advisor, year coordinator, school psychologist,  student services staff member or involved in career guidance.

    Our keynote speakers will present on a range of current issues across a range of industries. We’ll also provide you with updates on the latest courses, pathways, scholarships and entry requirements, so you have everything you need to support your students.

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  • Mondays @ Murdoch

    Organised by the School of Education, the Mondays @ Murdoch series features seminars for all education students, teachers, early childhood educators, and educational leaders. To find out more and book for upcoming seminars see the School of Education events page or subscribe to our updates.

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  • Shaping our Future: Education 2030 Conference

    Saturday 14 April, Murdoch University

    Principals, teachers and educators are invited to hear about the big issues facing today’s educators. Globally-renowned keynote speakers will discuss the future of school education in Australia and internationally, and the challenges and opportunities for Western Australian schools. Murdoch University is proud to be providing this invaluable professional development event in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Education.

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  • Teacher Professional Development Days

    Find inspiration, knowledge and support with our PD days for teachers. Join other teachers from your study area and learn about the latest developments and initiatives in your field. Our professional development days are designed to be fun, engaging and informative, so you’ll head back to class with a whole toolkit of new ideas.

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    Information Technology - Teacher PD Day (Regional)
    Sat 24 March 2018
    Annual PD day for teachers from regional areas.
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    WISE - Day 1
    Wed 28 March 2018
    Focus group for WISE (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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    ATAR Chemistry Teacher PD Day - Proteins
    Thu 31 May 2018
    Annual PD day for ATAR chemistry teachers, covering new curriculum on proteins.
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    Information Technology - Teacher PD Day (Metro)
    Mon 16 July 2018
    Annual PD day for teachers from Perth metro area.
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    WISE - Day 2
    Fri 20 July 2018
    Focus group for WISE (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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    Maths Teacher PD Day
    Mon 5 November 2018
    Annual PD day for ATAR maths teachers.
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    WISE - Day 3
    Fri 9 November 2018
    Focus group for WISE (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
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    Chemistry Teacher PD Day - Divide and Analyse
    Fri 16 November 2018
    Annual PD day for ATAR chemistry teachers.
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    The Creative Outlet: Media Teacher PD Day
    Fri 7 December
    Annual PD day for media teachers.
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Student workshops

Enrich your students’ learning with our student workshops. Our Outreach team will deliver curriculum-centred activities to directly engage and inspire your students during normal school hours.

We host most of these workshops at our Perth campus, but some can be brought to your classroom.

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School programs

Get your students excited about making the leap to university with in-school programs presented by our Outreach team, including engaging presentations, course counselling sessions, career taster sessions, after school programs and more.

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