Parent Power Hours

Tips and advice for parents of high school students

August 2020 - February 2021

Help support your child's transition from high school to university with our Parent Power Hour series.

Preparing for university can be a big step for most high school students and parents often play a key role by providing guidance and advice.

Recommended for parents with children in Years 10, 11 or 12, our Parent Power Hour series will explore key topics with Murdoch professional staff to provide you with the right tools and information to confidently support your child’s journey into tertiary education.

Upcoming events:

23 February
Online Event: Parent Power Hour – Year 10 Subject Selection

At this online event you’ll learn ways to support and guide your child as they choose their subjects, as well as find out more about ATAR and non-ATAR pathways and Murdoch enabling courses.

Past events:

24 November
Online Event: Parent Power Hour – Career Overview 

Hear from the Murdoch Career experts about current career trends and statistics, industries of high growth and an overview of courses versus job prospects.

27 October
Online Event: Parent Power Hour – Exam Stress 

Learn from the experts at Murdoch Counselling as they cover important tips and techniques on how you can support your child during their WACE exams, including: ways to manage exam stress; time management and planning when preparing for exams; successful study tips and tricks; and how to assist your child with balancing study, work and a social life.

22 September
Parent Power Hour – First in Family 
Hear from Murdoch professional staff about some of the barriers in place for First in Family students and learn about University life; what makes Murdoch University different from the rest; the educational, psychological and physical barriers that students may face; the various pathways into Murdoch University and an overview of student support services and financial options. 

25 August
Online Event: Parent Power Hour – Finances and Scholarships 
At this online event you’ll learn about how finances and scholarships work at university; what scholarships Murdoch offers and how to apply for them; what finance options domestic students have and what accommodation options are available.

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