Collaborating with other leading institutions means we can share our teaching expertise and resources more widely and enable students to study with us from across the globe.

We collaborate with institutions in various ways to benefit our students, from cross-institutional exchange programs, to online program delivery and cross-institutional research partnerships. These collaborations mean students have flexibility in their study options and opportunities to expand their perspective by studying overseas, or for international students to experience life at Murdoch University, and more.

Offshore locations

Our Transnational Education Partners include Kaplan Higher Education in Singapore and Murdoch University International Study Centre in Dubai.

Online education partners

We offer four degrees and 68 subjects via Open University Australia, opening up our courses across the nation. In addition, we offer short and introductory courses through our Future Learn online learning partnership.

Study Abroad and Exchange

We have partner universities all over the world, enabling students to study at our campus on exchange, or our students to study abroad.

University partners and articulations

Our agreements with universities across Australia and internationally means you can bring your previous study credit with you when you begin a Murdoch University degree.

Want to partner with us?

There are many ways to collaborate with Murdoch University. Get in touch to find out more.

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