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Throughout your life you have made an impact through your work, your relationships and by being part of a community. Now, imagine impacting on the world through a gift that leads to a discovery that reverses global warming or cures AIDS or solves global hunger.

Universities are home to research on the world’s biggest problems and at Murdoch University we are committed to providing world-class educational opportunities that will inspire world-class discoveries. The Office of Development works to link leading businesses, individuals and community minded groups to opportunities at Murdoch University. Whatever your interest or passion we would like to talk to you.

Our researchers constantly make exciting new discoveries that address a wide range of issues. With your support, who knows what the future may hold. Contact the Development Office on +61 8 9360 7252 to discuss how you can join us in changing our world for the better.

Remember Geoffrey Bolton with a gift to the next generation of historians

13 April 2017

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton AO (1931-2015) has been one of the most iconic and influential figures in Murdoch’s history.

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