VLS News and Events - Guidelines

Welcome to the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences (VLS) News and Events page which will host our regular School Announcements. There are a number of exciting news to share within the School and we hope our VLS Announcements will allow you to easily share internal and external news relevant to the School.

We cannot guarantee that everything submitted will be incorporated in the VLS Announcements but we will do our best to include your stories and events whenever possible.

Links to previous VLS Announcements

Archived Announcements for the past 6 months can be accessed below.

Who will receive the Announcements?

The VLS Announcements will be circulated via a bulk email sent on a weekly basis to all current VLS staff, Honours and HDR students. The information will also be available on the School website.

What type of information are we looking for?

The VLS Announcements will aim at communicating teaching and research news, prizes and awards or recognition received by staff and students as well as internal or external news relevant to the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, such as:

  • Teaching and Research news
  • Staff News and Events
  • Seminars, Conferences and Workshops
  • Jobs and Volunteering Opportunities (within the School)
  • HDR Opportunities

The VLS Announcements will not be used for non Murdoch news or requests such as the selling of personal items or business services, social events not connected to Murdoch or fund raising. A good alternative for sharing news about a community event you are involved in is The Exchange, which is Murdoch University’s online staff news portal.

How to submit your news items?

Anyone working in the School of VLS can submit an article by clicking on Submit your Story.

Stories will be published every 2nd week on Thursday, with the deadline to submit an article being the previous Tuesday.