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6 Week Documentary Aired on ABC1 in July 2013

This compelling new series followed the lives of eight young hopefuls who share the lifelong dream of becoming a vet. For the 5th year students coming to the end of a gruelling course, the time has come for them to be unleashed onto the busy wards of Murdoch University’s state-of-the-art teaching hospital. The students face an intense crash course in every medical and emotional hurdle a vet may face in a whole career. For the 4th years it’s the “Year from Hell” with over 70 hours of intense lectures, practicals and coursework every week. From major surgery on a dog to the proverbial hand up a cow’s back side, this unflinching series captures all the triumph and tragedy these young vets experience in the run up to their final year.

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The Animal Hospital


Murdoch veterinary students learn in the real live working Animal Hospital. Find out more about the hospital and it's facilities and how your pet can be cared for by one of the world’s premier veterinary teaching hospitals

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Find out about the Veterinary Trust and how it helps to keep the school and hospital running

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