The School of Veterinary and Life Sciences has a number of established research groups and support centres working to advance thinking in commercial and medical arenas.

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Welcome to the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

Students in the School can pursue a variety of exciting disciplines that relate to the science of life on our planet, spanning the study of animals, plants, microorganisms, the environment, chemical processes and the molecular basis of health and disease - in humans, animals and plants. We offer some of the country’s most progressive courses in environmental, biological and veterinary science, and are driven to developing individuals who are interested in all components of our living world.

We are continually generating research that addresses significant issues in our local, state and regional communities, as well as being of international significance. We maintain strong relationships with government agencies, major research laboratories, industry partners and key Universities and academics throughout the world.

Our world-class facilities, including those at the State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, allow students to gain valuable practical experience in their chosen field. We have an on-site farm, and access to another 230 hectare farm that provides numerous opportunities for field work across our disciplines. For Veterinary Science students, our accredited Veterinary Science courses offer international recognition, combined with access to our Veterinary Hospital where you will learn hands on skills in General Practice and Emergency areas.

Over 2,000 students are enrolled in the School's 11 undergraduate and 13 postgraduate courses, that provide pathways into areas such as health sciences, biomedical research, animal science, environmental science, veterinary medicine and forensic biology. Click on the fields below to see what career options our course areas offer:

  • Agricultural Sciences
    Agricultural Economist / Rural Advisor; Geneticist / Breeding Consultant; Research Scientist
  • Environmental and Conservation Sciences
    Engineering and Natural Science Manager; Conservation Scientist / Forester; Environmental Ecologist
  • Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
    Biomedical Researcher; Medical Biotechnologist; Biostatistician
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
    Veterinary Surgeon; Veterinary Scientist

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Veterinary Hospital

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Murdoch University’s Veterinary Hospital has been providing veterinary training, expertise and care for over thirty years.