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Masters of Applied Psychology (Professional) - School psychology stream


The School Psychology stream of the Masters of Psychology (Professional) at Murdoch was officially launched in 2018 with its first intake of 12 students. The introduction of this stream reflects a change in the Education Department’s policy which used to require school psychologists to complete a Diploma of Education. As of 2018, graduates being employed in the Government School Psychology section will, instead, need to have completed a placement of at least 40 days in a School during a 5th year degree in psychology. Murdoch’s 5th year Masters of Applied Psychology (Professional) degree has the possibility of an embedded school placement in second semester to fulfil this requirement, as well as a range of teaching to prepare you for the placement (e.g., interview skills, specialist diagnostic and intervention skills with children and families; assessment skills; and research skills). When you apply for a place in the Masters of Psychology (Professional), please indicate you’d like to be considered for this stream. As the degree is part of the 5+1 pathway to General registration, you will only need to find supervision for one year upon completion of the degree whether you’re employed as a School Psychologist or not. The Department of Education has typically provided this supervision free-of-charge to those who take positions as School Psychologists within the Department of Education.

Why do it?

If you want to work with children and adolescents in a supportive environment, then a career in school psychology might suit you. The service offers highly competitive salaries, 8 weeks a year leave and provides one to one supervision, as well as a program of professional learning to help you complete your pathway to General registration as a psychologist. The service also offers the opportunity to work all over WA, from the South West to the Kimberley. Murdoch’s graduates have done very well seeking employment after completing the Masters of Applied Psychology (Professional) - School psychology stream, with graduates working all over WA, including many in Perth, the Kimberley, Bunbury and the Goldfields.

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