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We are pleased to announce that from 2017, Murdoch will be offering two new, simplified degree structures designed to allow students to complete an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited qualification by simply completing a major in “Psychology” without the need for additional units or minors. If you are a student enrolled in a pre 2017 BA (Social and Developmental Psychology) and/or BSc(Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Psychology), you will have the option of transferring into one of these new degrees from semester 1 2017, should you wish to do so. Applications for course transfer will open in November 2016.

How do the new degrees differ from the old degrees?

The new degrees and the pre 2017 APAC-accredited double major are very similar. The psychology units offered will not change, but there will be some small changes to which units are listed as “core” versus “elective.”

Why are these changes being made?

The aim of the new degrees is to simplify the enrolment process for incoming students wishing to study psychology and to meet the undergraduate study requirements for eventual registration as a psychologist. We also expect that it will make the APAC-accredited status of the degree more transparent to future employers and other educational institutions.

Exercise Science

Please Note: In 2017, Students wishing to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist should complete the Bachelor of Science with the following majors; 1) Sport and Health Science 2) Movement Science. At the end of the 3 year degree students will be eligible to apply for entry into the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology. As of 2018, Students should apply directly to the Clinical Exercise Physiology (BSportExerciseScience) + (GradDipClinExPhys).

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