School of Health Professions


Discover what it means to be an all-round healthcare professional in our evidence-based Chiropractic Degrees.

Do you see yourself working within a recognised primary healthcare service providing people with musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation?

We will teach you to think like an independent primary contact practitioner. You will learn to focus on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain and disability of the spine and extremities. The course focuses on evidence based practice which is the combination of best scientific information plus clinical experience and also patient's values and circumstances.

Students should please note that chiropractic is a highly skilled occupation requiring a wide variety of capabilities both inherent and learned. More information on tasks normally expected of a registered chiropractor can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact the School of Health Professions if you have any questions about your ability to fulfil any of these tasks.

Undergraduate Courses

+ Chiropractic Science + Clinical Chiropractic (BSc)+(BClinChiro) 

Honours Courses

+ Chiropractic Honours (BSc(Hons))