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Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC)

The Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC) is maintained by the School of Education at Murdoch University in Western Australia to enable students to graduate with a knowledge of current teaching resources and an opportunity to explore the innovative use of resources.

The CRC provides patrons with valuable collections on two campuses. On the South Street Campus a variety of teaching resources are selected to extend the knowledge of student teachers in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Language Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education and Multicultural Education. On the Rockingham Campus students have access to a wide range of teaching resources to support Primary Education as well as accessing the Childcare and Assistant Teacher resources offered by Challenger TAFE within the Rockingham Regional campus Community Library.


Everyone is welcome to use the Curriculum Resource Centres on site at the South Street campus and the Rockingham campus, but only staff and School of Education students at Murdoch University may borrow the resources.

Located in the joint use Rockingham Regional Campus Community Library and the Rockingham Curriculum Resource Centre extends reciprocal borrowing rights to Challenger TAFE staff and students who are studying Childcare or Teacher Assistant courses.

Opening hours

Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC) - South Street

  • Monday, Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Thursday, Friday: 9.00 am to 4:00 pm

NOTE: The CRC is closed each day between 12 noon and 12:30 pm
Please check posts on the CRC Blog site for updates and changes to daily opening times that may occur from time to time.

Please refer to library opening hours for South Street and Rockingham campuses.

New Resources

Keep up to date with new resources added to the Curriculum Resource Centres at the South Street and Rockingham campuses by accessing the following link:

CRC New Resource List, or create an RSS feed from our Blog. You can also set your own RSS feed to obtain regular updates directly to your computer for new books on Education added to the library collection. The link to view new books or obtain an RSS feed is below:

New Books RSS feeds. The new book list for Education is not comprehensive and you may need to view the lists in other disciplines to locate books shelved with the discipline.

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Comments welcome

If you have used our CRCs we welcome your comments and suggestions. We are constantly monitoring and updating the collection and your suggestions can ensure that we maintain a current and relevant collection. You are invited to email with suggestions for our collections and services.

Contact Us

At the South Street Campus:

Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith
Senior Library Officer
Phone: (08) 9360 2376

Louisa Watts
Louisa Watts
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (08) 9360 2376


At the Rockingham Campus

Jennifer Ritzrow
Library Officer
Phone: (08) 9360 7066 (local 9553 7066)

ReginaRegina Ryan
Library Officer
Telephone: (08) 9360 7066 (local 95537066)