Upcoming Events 2019

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Monday June 10


Hill Lecture Theatre, Education & Humanities (Building 450)

Mondays@Murdoch: Making the Most of BYO Device Programs

iPads and tablets are a part of our day-to-day lives. So, why are they not a part of our day-to-day teaching and learning experiences?

This presentation will explore different ways teachers can make the most of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in their classrooms. Learn to utilise iPads beyond game-play and engage students in your teaching and learning activities through the use of smart technology. You will see examples of practice, where iPad technology and apps are used in assessment and activities before, during and after teaching and learning.

You do not need to be an expert to use technology to engage your students with amazing apps that benefit teaching and assessment in the following ways:

  • Supporting the delivery and collection of data from, diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments
  • Providing students with opportunities to develop reasoning, technology, and self-regulatory skills
  • Saving time in the distribution and collection of assessment data
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Monday July 1


Hill Lecture Theatre, Education & Humanities (Building 450)

Mondays@Murdoch: Shifting Educational Paradigms

Do you know of a school student that falls through the cracks? They are a brilliant person but don’t seem to thrive at school? What about students that go under the radar? Or are really successful outside of school but not in school?

Chelsea Horner co-founder of in8Ed and author of ‘Generation Failure and the in8model Educator Revolution’ will shed some light on how all students can thrive at school. Come and find out what happens in our brains on a deeper level when we have an experience and how we learn. Is it possible to cater for all students in school? If there were a way would you take the risk to try it?

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Tuesday 9- Friday 12 July

Murdoch University, South Street Campus, Room 450.1.005

Tribes TLC Basic Course Certificate

Attain emotionally safe and highly collaborative learning environments for primary /secondary /adult educational settings by establishing the Tribes agreements for a new pattern of interaction.

This 4 day course is a hands-on training experience where you will experience over 40 learning strategies and evaluate how to apply them to specific classroom situations. In order to obtain full Tribes Basic Course Completion Certification and receive international registration with Tribes TLC in the USA, it is essential that you attend all the required hours.
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Cost: $690 (GST incl). For registration and payment details, please click here

Wednesday 17-Thursday 18 July

Murdoch University, South Street Campus, Room 450.2.022

in8 Ed. Understanding Neurology to Understand the Classroom

This two day short course is presented by Chelsea Horner, co-author of 'Generation Failure and the in8model Educator Revolution' and co-founder of 'in8 Ed'.

The world is rapidly changing and new research tells us so is our brain!

Learn how an understanding of neuroplasticity can improve your learning environment with greater results in life-long learning for students. Be equipped to create and adapt learning environments with ease to cater for the variety of brain function preferences in your classroom. Easy to understand, apply and see results in every context of learning. Don’t increase your workload but make it a lot more enjoyable and rewarding!

  • Be equipped with a deeper knowledge of brain function to develop your classroom practices to cater for more learning styles.
  • Explore the preferences, language, activities and contexts that make each part of the brain ‘light up’.
  • Improve life long learning in a stress-free, fun way with easy, practical applications on how to engage different parts of students’ brains and your own.
  • Learn how to identify different behaviours linked to different brain functions and the keys that unlock their learning potential.
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Monday August 12


Hill Lecture Theatre, Education & Humanities (Building 450)

Mondays@Murdoch Back to Basics- but whose basics? Bringing Relevance back to the classroom.

The catch-cry ‘back to basics’, heard all too often in education, suggests that the cure-all for all the perceived ills of school is to return to a focus on numeracy and literacy. And then to test and re-test the students. There can be no surer way to stifle the joy of learning.

This presentation aims to challenge teachers to find better ways to engage students in their learning and to encourage students to be the agents of change. How can we work with our students at all stages of their learning – through shared planning, delivery and assessment – to ensure that the classroom experience provokes rather than repels?

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