Why study Accounting at Murdoch University?

Accounting at Murdoch provides students not only with the practical skills that they need to be successful in accounting, but also gives them the opportunity to grow their critical-thinking skills and increase their capacity to analyse complex problems and develop solutions for them. This means they will head out into the workforce with the ability to improve the way the world operates.

Students will learn how a business operates, as well as explore how all the economic, political, social, cultural and technological decisions that go along with businesses can positively and negatively impact on our society, or even the world.

Completion of an accounting course broadens our graduates’ job opportunities. Accounting at Murdoch teaches the in-depth information about every facet of financing, including the terminology, ethics and profession of accounting and helps to develop valuable job skills to give you an edge in a competitive job market and add credibility to your resume.

Studying accounting programs at Murdoch gives students the resources to become informed, active and critical managers and citizens, rather than passive bystanders with little understanding of, or involvement in, the commercial world around them. It also requires them to develop the skills to communicate the results of their analysis of economic events orally and in writing, both individually and with others.

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