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School of Business and Governance announces new Advisory Board

July 5, 2018

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Award-winning Business & Governance students graduate with the world at their feet

May 2, 2018

204 Student Awards 2018.jpg

High-performing students from the School of Business and Governance have been honoured at a special awards ceremony.

Prizes were presented to 23 students for the 2017 academic year across 36 categories that included accounting, auditing, commerce, counter-terrorism, economics, human resources and politics.

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Economics Editor of ‘The West Australian’ pits his wits against years 10, 11 and 12 students in a competition to predict the future of Australia’s economy.

Murdoch University School of Business and Governance and the Economics Teachers Association of WA (ETAWA) are proud to present the "2018 Economic Indicators Forecasting Competition" for Year 10-12 students.

Year 10- 12 students will be required to predict 15 Economic Indicators to win up to $1000!

Shane Wright, Economics Editor of ‘The West Australian’, will also enter the competition, making it even more exciting!

The competition will run for 5 weeks, from the 12th of March to the 16th of April. Entry to the competition is free and easy. Students simply have to download and submit their entry form online and, if under 18 years old, must ensure to have a signed consent form from their parents/guardians.

‘Women in Leadership: Australia-Africa Trade and Investment Forum’

Dr Rochelle Spencer, co-Director Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability and Senior Lecturer of Development Studies, has been invited to speak at the ‘Women in Leadership: Australia-Africa Trade and Investment Forum’ as part of Australia-Africa Week 2017. Drawing on her research in Africa (Agroenterprise Africa), her address will speak to the design and implementation of participatory processes and their application in developing greater Australian investment and trade with Africa.

Murdoch Health Expert in Chile

Dr Francesco Paolucci, Head of Health Policy at the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, Associate Dean of Research and Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy at the School of Business and Governance at Murdoch University, has been invited to deliver a Keynote address at the international conference EISACH - Hospital Expo 2017 in Chile (30-31 August, 1 September). His address will focus on the challenges that most countries' healthcare systems are currently facing and in particular on their sustainability trajectories.

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Student Economics Conference

The 2017 Student Economics Conference will be held on the 24th of March, 2017 at Murdoch University.

The Murdoch University Student Economics conference was an initiative that began in 2016. The conference enables the eminent academics of today, to engage the young economists of tomorrow.
The inaugural conference was extremely successful and the School of Business and Governance is repeating the event in 2017 in collaboration with Perth Modern School. This initiative creates a collaborative educational dialogue between students, teachers and Murdoch University academics. Presentations are aligned to the ATAR Economics syllabus but the conference will also expose students to new ideas and new ways of economic thinking.

The 2017 Murdoch University Student Conference includes presentations on the current state of the Australian economy, globalisation and game theory. Steven Kemp (co-author of the Year 11 and 12 Economics texts and ATAR Economics Chief Marker) will discuss the 2016 ATAR Economics exam and advise students on how to prepare for the 2017 Economics exam. The 2017 conference keynote speaker is Shane Wright, Economics editor for ‘The West Australian’, who will be flying from Canberra to discuss the phenomenon at the ‘tip of everyone’s tongue’: Trump.

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The Future of Work Panel

Future of Work panel.jpg

The Future of Work Panel was held on the Thursday the 2nd of  March.

Dr Simon Minaee, Director of the MasterClass program and Suzanne Knuiman, Manager of the Careers Centre, welcomed guests before handing over to Deputy Dean, Professor Dom Gasbarro who excelled in his role as MC.

Key themes for the evening included the importance of diversity, agility, flexibility and adaptability. Change is the only constant in the world of work today thanks mainly to the digital revolution. Passion, the right attitude and the ability to collaborate are keys to a successful career. 

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Health Policy Expert in the panel at CEDA's event "Transformation on healthcare"

Murdoch University is proud to be a sponsor of CEDA’sevent “Transformation of healthcare on the 30th of March.
Dr Francesco Paolucci, Head of the Health Policy Programs at the Sir Walter Murdoch School, will be part of the experts’ panel, discussing how the healthcare system can be transformed in a more sustainable model. If you are interested in participating, please find more information on the event here

Murdoch's Health Policy Expert in Demand

Date posted: February 1, 2017

Associate Professor Francesco Paolucci, Head of Health Policy Programs is currently in Dubai after receiving an invitation to present a keynote address at the Arab Health Congress . His presentation “Designing a sustainable healthcare system: options for universal design” forms part of the Public Health Forum. The Arab Health Congress consists of 14 different conferences which provide a mix of clinical and non-clinical topics, as well as showcasing the latest methods, developments and technologies in the global healthcare industry.

In 2016 Associate Professor Paolucci also visited Chile on a number of occasions, firstly to present his views about how to reform the Chilean health insurance system to Centro de Estudios Publicos (CEP), the most prestigious think tank in the country.
In December he gave a keynote address at the symposium on the “Implementation of Social Health Insurance: Lessons for Chile” at the Universidad de los Andes in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Publicos (CEP); had a private meeting with the former Chilean President and current presidential candidate Sebastian Pinera, where he presented his reform proposal. He also gave a keynote address at the Instituto de Salud Publlica de la Universidad Andres Bello in collaboration with CEP about the Australian health care system, its challenges and options for reform.

francesco chile.jpg

The Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs course offering includes Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at a Graduate Certificate and Masters level.

Young Professionals network goes from strength to strength

Date Posted: December 15, 2016Jeremy Young Professionals.jpg

Young Professionals brings together 18-35 year old business people and university students for inspirational events, educational workshops and networking. The first Young Professionals Chapter was formed in 2013 as a partnership between Murdoch University and the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce with most events being held on Murdoch University’s Rockingham Campus. The Rockingham City Council has been a great supporter of this venture.

This year, a partnership between Murdoch University and the Melville Cockburn Chamber saw the commencement of a second Young Professionals chapter with two events held on Murdoch’s South Street campus. Discussions are underway to form another Young Professionals chapter in Mandurah in 2017. The support of the Chambers, University and local partners ensures that events can be offered at no cost to attendees.

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Singapore student Ms Tryphena Ow completes Honours in Finance at Murdoch’s Perth campusSingapore honors studentsmall.jpg

Date Posted: November 22, 2016

Ms Tryphena Ow has become the first Singapore-based student to complete Honours at Murdoch University under the new scholarship scheme.

Ms Ow was supervised by Professor Domenic Gasbarro from the School of Business and Governance and completed her Honours in Finance as a full time student in a little under a year. She reports it was a challenging but ultimately very rewarding year. 

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Chancellor’s leadership lessons

Date Posted: October 27, 2016DFlanagan.jpg

Stolen cargo ships, going walkabout in the Australian bush and feeling like a rock star. Those are just some of the career highlights shared by Murdoch Chancellor David Flanagan at the inaugural Leadership Journeys seminar.

More than 120 guests packed the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre at Murdoch’s Perth campus last night to hear Mr Flanagan present Learning the Hard Way.
He spoke about his career in the mining industry, founding Atlas Iron Limited in 2004 and growing the company from a $9 million exploration business to an ASX top 200 iron ore exporter.
Mr Flanagan, who was appointed Murdoch Chancellor in 2013, told the audience: “I was told that if you want to learn, go somewhere hard, where everything you do every day matters. 

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A snapshot of the life and counsel of Dr Ameer Ali Dr Ali Ameer

Date Posted: March 23, 2015

Doctor Ameer Ali is a long time and well respected Educator at Murdoch University. He is also a prominent member of Australian Muslim society and has held advisory roles both with his own community and the Australian Government.

A trained Economist, Dr Ali’s specialty is Islamic Banking and Finance. He has written numerous papers and addressed many conferences on the topic. Dr Ali has also been invited to discuss Islamic philosophy and the challenges of unity between Islam, Christianity and the Western World at conferences across Australia as well as in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand and the USA. 

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Impressions Short Course - Atma JayaAtma Jaya.jpg

Date Posted : October 13, 2015

The Indonesian University Atma Jaya, based in Yogyakarta, are offering free program fees and free accommodation for 2 Murdoch University students for 5 days at the end of October 2015.

The program will be carried out for 5 days , on the 27 – 31 October 2015. This program offers students in depth look at some of social policies in Yogyakarta. Subjects such as gender, media, and community development will be addressed by various prominent guest lecturers and educational site visits to various stake holders in related social issues such as Non-Government organizations, media industries, and unique civic communities. 

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Students to help improve access to visual arts for people with disability

Date Posted : September 17, 2015Blindfolds pic.jpg

Marketing students at Murdoch University will be gaining real world experience while contributing to the community in a new project with social inclusion arts organisation DADAA.

As part of their university studies, the 35 third year students will be writing competitive marketing plans for DADAA to support its launch of an expanded program of audio support – including audio description and access tours – so that people who are visually impaired, blind, frail and autistic can enjoy the arts.

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Secondary Student Initiative: Murdoch University and Melville Senior High School (MSHS)

Date Posted: September 17, 2015Anne GarnettMSHS.jpg

Murdoch University academics from the Economics discipline are forging links with local secondary schools. Melville Senior High School is building an Economics Centre of Excellence. In 2016 an Economics Student Conference and Forecasting Competition will be held, consolidating the linkages between secondary students, high schools and Murdoch University’s School of Business and Governance.

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Volunteering to Learn Website launched at Murdoch University

Date Posted: August 18, 2015Volunteering to Learn A Taggart.jpg

Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Andrew Taggart, last week launched the Volunteering to Learn website at an event held at Murdoch University. Getting the website up and running was the culmination of a two year collaborative research project: "Volunteering to Learn: Enhancing learning in the student volunteering experience in Australian universities." Academics from Murdoch, UWA, ECU, Curtin and Macquarie Universities were involved with the project.

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Beyond Translation: Cultivating A Global Audience With Content MarketingSarah Mitchell & Steve Klomp.jpg

Date Posted: August 6, 2015

Sarah Mitchell, the Director of Content Strategy at Lush Digital was the latest guest speaker in the prestigious Graduate Certificate of International Marketing.

Sarah presented in the Global Media Communications unit on Tuesday 4th August.

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The Retiring Man of Letters, Figures and Golf!

Date Posted: July 31, 2015David Holloway.jpg

David Holloway, that man of Figures, Letters and as it turns out, Golf, is on his way to the Chateau Du Mallac outside of Toulouse, France as a prelude to a more relaxed lifestyle.

Associate Professor David Holloway finally retired on Friday July 17th after twenty seven years as a prominent and influential member of the Murdoch family.

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Launch of new postgraduate course in International Marketing

Date Posted: 17 March 2015

The School of Business and Governance, Murdoch University is launching a Graduate Certificate in International Marketing starting in April 2015. Enrolments are open until the commencement of the course.

The course is aimed at career-oriented people in business and government wanting to develop specialised international marketing knowledge.

Consisting of four (4) units completed in a single year, students will be guided in areas that include strategic market planning, marketing communications and market research. Through the use of internationally focused case studies and industry guest speakers, the course emphasises solutions and innovative learning experiences

Taught in intensive mode, two units are completed in each of two blocks of seven (7) weeks. The teaching timetable includes evening and Saturday sessions designed to suit individuals with busy schedules.

Students completing the graduate certificate will gain highly sought after competencies and skills in international marketing and gain credit towards higher studies such as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Find out more about the course content and watch the video on our Courses Page.