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Australian Conference of Economists, 2013

The Economic Society of AustraliaThe 42nd Australian Conference of Economists
Conference Proceedings
Beyond the Frontiers: New Directions in Economics
Held at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia
On 7-10 July, 2013

  • ISBN: 978-1-921877-12-4
  • Published by: Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia
  • Edited by: David Butler and Maria Mangano

ACE 2013

The West Australian branch of the Economic Society of Australia wishes to sincerely thank our referees for their efforts in refereeing all papers for this Conference.

Session Title Author Co-authors
Labour 1 Imperfect capital markets and human capital (PDF - 106KB) Suren Basov Lily Nguyen, Suzillah Sidek
The effect of superannuation tax incentives on salary sacrifice participation(PDF - 103KB) Jun Feng  
What is a job worth? Legal and welfare issues for policymakers Paul Oslington  
Regional inequality and the trade cycle(PDF - 358KB) Michael Corliss Phil Lewis
Financial Economics 1 Should banks disclose more information? Evidence based on depositor discipline in East Asia (PDF - 610KB) Fazelina Sahul Hamid  
Presence of foreign firms and the firm capital structure: Evidence from China’s manufacturing sector (PDF - 152KB) Sajid Anwar Sizhong Sun
Microeconomic Theory 1 An evaluation of the world’s major airlines’ technical and environmental performance (PDF - 249KB) Amir Arjomandi Juergen Seufert
Markets in political influence: A theory of rent-seeking via network and group signals Cameron Murray  
A comparison of sustainability indices: Mixed messages from OECD countries (PDF - 103KB) Hans-Juergen Engelbrecht  
Intention-based social preferences: A new elicitation method Yola Engler Rudolf Kerschbamer and Lionel Page
Macroeconomics 1 Wealth effects and consumption: A panel VAR approach (PDF - 788KB) Xin Shen Mark Holmes and Steven Lim
Optimal debt, growth, fertility, leisure and human capital externalities with an application to Japan Bei Li Jie Zhang
A new approach to determining credit rating and its applications to Vietnam’s listed firms (PDF - 973KB) Duc Vo Thien Nguyen
Economic Thought and Economic History A Marxian reconstruction of the theory of currency and the functions of money constituting it (PDF - 284KB) Pablo Ahumada  
Australia’s contribution to international trade theory: The dependent economy model Phillip Metaxas Ernst Juerg Weber
A tale of two economics journals Alex Millmow Jacqueline Tuck
Econometrics 1 The role of modelling in evaluating trans-Tasman recognition of imputation credits (PDF - 1.41mb) Tim Murray  
A Gaussian test for unit roots with an application to great ratios Tilak Abeysinghe Gulasekaran Rajaguru
Labour 2 Right peer, right now? Endogenous peer effects and achievement in Victorian primary schools Duncan McVicar Julie Moschion and Chris Ryan
Indian demand for higher education in Australia Bilal Rafi Phil Lewis
The effects of education on health: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design Rasyad Parinduri  
House prices, fertility and economic growth Creina Day  
Experimental Economics Heart rate variability as a physiological relevance indicator in and outside of the laboratory Jonas Fooken  
Can strength of preference be measured in money units? David Butler Andrea Isoni, Graham Loomes and Daniel Navarro-Martinez
Estimating preferences for fairness: A new empirical strategy within a unified theoretical framework Daniel Mueller Lionel Page
Recent developments in the experimental elicitation of time preferences Stephen Cheung  
Macroeconomics 2 Developing quality adjusted measures of industry labour input Hui Wei Stephen Howe and Rachel Zhang
Corporate governance and firm performance: Empirical evidence from Vietnam (PDF - 362KB) Duc Vo Thuy Phan
A business conditions index for a small open economy Jeffrey Sheen Stefan Trueck and Ben Wang
Industrial Organisation 1 File sharing and film revenues: An empirical analysis Jordi McKenzie David Walls
Licensing between affiliated competitors Shuai Niu  
Countervailing incentives and wage-employment contracts (PDF - 365KB) Ishita Chatterjee  
Job machine, think tank or both – What makes corporate spinoffs different? Helmut Fryges Bettina Muller and Michaela Niefert
Economic Development 1 Foreign direct investment in Taiwan: Direct and spillover effects on labour productivity Yi-Chia Wang  
The impact of a large rice price increase on welfare and poverty in Bangladesh (PDF - 2.62MB) Syed Hasan  
Population, evolution and technological progress Jason Collins Boris Baer and Ernst Juerg Weber
Econometrics 2 How to choose and justify an estimation approach for non-standard data Danielle Merrett  
Oil price shocks, market distortion and output growth: Theory and evidence from China Xunpeng Shi Sizhong Sun
Signalling in an English auction: Interim versus ex ante analysis (PDF - 367KB) Peyman Khezr Abhijit Sengupta
Labour 3 The WA mining boom and Indigenous labour market outcomes Mike Dockery  
Fertility and female labour force participation in Malaysia Beatrice Lim Peter Siminski
Competition and self-serving biases in CEO’s agreements Fabienne Llense  
Trends in the gender wealth gap among single households in Australia 2002-2010 Siobhan Austen Sherry Bawa, Rachel Ong and Therese Jefferson
International Economics 1 An empirical test for banking sector contagion during the global financial crisis Mardi Dungey Dinesh Gajurel
Made in China, mined in Australia: Interdependency and business-cycle transmission between Chinese and Australian industries (PDF - 820KB) Daniel Norrie  
Endogenous natural resources in a small open economy Isaac Gross James Hansen
Energy 1 Energy consumption and economic growth – The case of Australia (PDF - 350KB) Hong To Albert Wijeweera and Michael B. Charles
Housing 1 Home prices and household spending (PDF - 7323KB) Callan Windsor Jarkko Jaaskela and Richard Finlay
Neighbourhood renewal and housing externalities Gavin Wood Melek Cigdem
Does a nearby murder affect housing prices? The case of Sydney Anastasia Klimova Adrian D. Lee
Industrial Organisation 2 Does retail petrol price respond asymmetrically to changes in its cost? Abbas Valadkhani  
The long-run effect of innovation on economic growth (PDF - 1.1MB) Changtao Wang  
Energy use in the Australian manufacturing industry: An analysis of energy demand elasticity (PDF - 616KB) Chris Hill Kay Cao
Modelling business energy consumption using agent-based simulation modelling (PDF - 685KB) Jason Wong Kay Cao
Financial Economics 2 Estimating the market value of franking credits: Empirical evidence from Australia (PDF - 1.12MB) Duc Vo Beauden Gellard and Stefan Mero
Measuring the performance of hedge funds using two-stage peer group benchmarks (PDF - 524KB) Marco Wilkens Juan Yao, Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan and Patrick Oehler
Equity markets and economic development: Does the primary market matter? (PDF - 1.38MB) Andriansayah George Messinis
Microeconomic Theory 2 Input substitution and business energy consumption: Evidence from ABS energy survey data (PDF - 665KB) Kay Cao  
Measuring inequality for small areas using spatial microsimulation: An Australian case study (PDF - 524KB) Riyana Miranti Rebecca Cassells, Yogi Vidyattama and Justine McNamara
Event subscription and non-cooperative network formation Vai-Lam Mui Birendra Rai and Chiu-Ki So
Macroeconomics 3 The output composition puzzle – compositional response of GDP to Australian monetary policy (PDF - 713KB) M. Muheed Jamaldeen  
Differential impacts of foreign capital and remittance inflows on the domestic savings in the developing countries – a dynamic heterogeneous panel analysis (PDF - 1.17MB) Delwar Hossain  
The US Phillips Curve: New empirical estimates Rajarshi Mitra  
The structural and frictional volume underutilisation rate (SAFVUR) in Australia (PDF - 1.37MB) Greg Connolly  
Economic Development 2 The theory of total factor productivity: Assessing five models of productivity Edwin Sayes  
Returns to migration of Filipinos (PDF - 583KB) Michael Reyes Cabalfin  
The bioeconomics of nutritional poverty and child labour Jayanta Sarkar  
International Economics 2 Foreign reserve accumulation and the mercantilist motive hypothesis: A latent factor approach (PDF - 505KB) Patrick Carvalho Renee A. Fry-McKibbin
FTAs and institutions in North-South R&D spillovers (PDF - 1.42MB) Thang Bach  
Can we still be friends? Is there a relationship between exchange rates and Victorian merchandise exports? Louise Barth Karen Cheah, Katie Dixon and Michael Dyball
Agriculture 1 Technical efficiency of annual crop farms in Northern Vietnam (PDF - 519KB) Giang Dao Phil Lewis
Causes, magnitude and consequences of price variability in agricultural commodity market: An African perspective (PDF - 443KB) Umar M. Mustapha Richard J. Culas
Labour 4 Can infant mortality, female education, urbanisation and income explain fertility decline in developing countries? (PDF - 435KB) Cong Wang  
Superannuation adequacy with voluntary contributions: A comparison of living standards (PDF, 702KB) Marcia Keegan  
Building workforce innovation capacity in Australia: A dynamic economic framework for evaluating two strategies (PDF - 501KB) Jerry Courvisanos Donatella Cavagnoli
Indigenous disadvantage in an historical perspective: The evidence of the last thirty years (PDF - 144KB) Cezary A. Kapuscinski  
International Economics 3 Economic volatility: Does financial development, openness and institutional quality matter? (PDF - 494KB) Hazman Samsudin  
Can India plug into Asian international production networks through RTAs? Badri Narayanan G. Ruhul Sen and Sadhana Srivastava
Purchasing power parity (PPP) relationship in Australia: Evidence from cointegration and causality tests Kamrul Hassan  
Regional integration and productivity growth in South Asia (PDF - 602KB) Amirul Islam Ruhul Salim and Harry Bloch
Infrastructure An economic theory perspective on optimal design of government of regional infrastructure in Australia: The case of national transport (PDF - 197KB) Cameron Gordon  
An econometrics analysis of freight rail demand growth in Australia (PDF - 259KB) Albert Wijeweera Hong To and Michael B. Charles
Development of integrated intersectoral-time series strategies to investigate the economic significance of knowledge sectors in the Illawarra, New South Wales (PDF - 767k) Ashkan Masouman Charles Harvie
Natural hazards and insurance (PDF - 322KB) Sandra Schuster  
Behavioural Economics Subjective wellbeing: A spatial microsimulation of Australian unity quality of life survey (PDF - 362KB) Itismita Mohanty Marcia Keegan, Yogi Vidyattama, Robert Tanton and Robert Cummins
The education-happiness puzzle Ingebjorg Kristoffersen  
Economic Development 3 Comparing regional productivity growth and its determinants in Indonesia and China (PDF - 250KB) Wayan Widya Arsana Yanrui Wu
Determinants of income inequality in Botswana: A regression-based decomposition approach (PDF - 670KB) Zelda Okatch  
Changing pattern of meat consumption in Australia (PDF - 405KB) Lucille Wong Antony E. Selvanathan and Saroja Selvanathan 
Labour 5 The determinants of earnings for Indigenous Australian workers Elisa Birch  
Underemployment among mature age workers in Australia (PDF - 795KB) Jinjing Li Alan Duncan and Riyana Miranti
Can an ‘Indigenous employment program’ work? A case study of National Australia Bank (PDF - 421KB) Anne Daly Tesfaye Gebremedhin
Unemployment, income support and job search activity among Baby Boomers in Australia (PDF - 766KB) Marcia Keegan Rebecca Cassells and Riyana Miranti
Microeconomic Theory 3 The impact of decentralisation on health and education provision in Indonesia Rumayya  
An alternative to the Mincer model of education (PDF - 469KB) John Humphreys  
Agriculture 2 and Environment 1 Productivity and efficiency change in the Australian broadacre agriculture: Nonparametric estimates (PDF - 1.19MB) Farid U. Khan Ruhul Salim
Frameworks for formulating environmental and climate change policies: Perspectives from environmental-macroeconomics (PDF - 263KB) Seck Tan  
Good governance and environmental aspects of the MDGs Yashar Tarverdi Mamaghani  
Energy 2 and Financial Economics 3 Real options and the value of oil and gas firms: En empirical analysis Amir H. Sabet  
The nexus between energy consumption and economic growth in OECD countries: A decomposition analysis (PDF - 271KB) Sahar Shafiei Ruhul Salim and Helen Cabalu
How to make a run-proof bank: Achieving maturity transformation without fractional reserves (PDF - 692KB) Andrew D. Smith  
How increased crude oil demand by China and India affects the international market (PDF - 675KB) Amanda Niklaus Julian Inchauspe
Industrial Organisation 3 Does knowledge tradeability make secrecy more attractive than patent? An analysis of IPR strategies and licensing (PDF - 382KB) Frederique Goy Changtao Wang
Agglomeration economies and productivity growth in manufacturing industry: Empirical evidence from Indonesia (PDF - 446KB) Wahyu Widodo Ruhul Salim and Harry Bloch
Did the three-point rule make soccer more exciting? Lee Yoong Hon Rasyad Parinduri
International Economics 4 FDI and outsourcing in a service industry: The welfare effect of liberalising trade and investment (PDF - 254KB) Te Cheng Lu  
Uncertainty and investment: Evidence from Australian firm panel data Thang Long Tran  
Trade relations between Australia and Thailand: 1990 to 2011 M.A.B. Siddique