Welcome to the School of Business and Governance

The School has over 70 highly qualified and dedicated staff members, who can help you launch your career or take your professional experiences to the next level.

Uniquely positioned, the school offers innovative and interdisciplinary academic programs for students. We offer an inclusive and highly flexible environment to support your learning needs, including after-hours classes and flexible study options. We are committed to combining theory and practice. Our industry placements and work experience programs ensure that you are highly trained, experienced and ready to enter the workforce as an elite graduate.

Students wishing to study Business have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills across a number of disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Business Law, Economics, Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business and Marketing. The School also offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Global Politics and Policy, Security Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Studies, Sustainable Development, and International Aid and Development. We also offer top-performing students the opportunity to apply for our unique MasterClass program, which allows students to complete a postgraduate qualification whilst completing their undergraduate studies.

The School is home to the University's flagship Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, the well-established and reputable Asia Research Centre and The Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.

Our Vision is to be, ‘an innovative learning community, creating and communicating knowledge for the sustainability of society and business, and educating our students to become creative and principled leaders.’

Our Mission: ‘through accessible and workplace-focused programs, we strive to develop future-enabled graduates with a global mindset.'

Our Values

  • Equity, Diversity and Respect
  • Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Global Responsibility
  • Indigenous Perspectives
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Multi-disciplinarity
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learning is getting more flexible in 2017!

University life will be a little different from now on. We are giving you more control over your learning. Rather than having to turn up for a lecture, or listen to the recorded lecture online, we have created specifically designed podcasts, lessons or other materials containing the content you need, delivered in a more concise mode than most traditional lectures. This means that you can watch and/or listen when it suits you, not when it suits us. All you need is access to the internet.

The flexibility means that you can enjoy self-paced learning. You can press pause and write some notes or you can replay and repeat the messages to ensure you understand what is being taught.

With you having gained the unit’s key knowledge through this online process, time in our face-to-face classes and workshops can be better utilised. You will engage in more interactive activities in a small class environment that will focus on applying this new knowledge.

Whatever your lifestyle, blended learning allows you to study, work and still have some time for fun!

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Our disciplines

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Our courses

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Our staff

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Accreditations and memberships

accreditations-slide-1 aapbs ABS Australian Business Deans Council
accreditations-slide-2 Australian Council Dubai European Foundation of Management Development West Australian Chinese Champer of Commerce
accreditations-slide-3 Australian Council for International Development Australia Institute of International Affairs Australian Political Science Association
accreditations-slide-6 International Studies Association Principles for Responsible Management Education CCI AHRI - Australian Human Resource Institute