School of Arts

TV Studios

Our two state of the art digital studios are capable of film, video and sound production that ranges from basic studio-based programming to sophisticated drama and digital effects.

Students work in teams, taking turns at performing all roles required to create productions - from cameraperson to soundperson, director, switcher, floor manager and more.

The Floor Space

The Floor Space has multiple cameras so that action or performance can be covered ‘live’ with a variety of camera angles. It's also where students practice set construction techniques.


Within the Floor Space are multiple tools and equipment, including;

  • Green screen - which can be used to create virtual sets and making things appearing to be somewhere other than in a studio,
  • Black curtain - used to highlight subjects,
  • White Cyclorama - used to create the illusion of infinite space,
  • Autocue - used so that people can look directly at the camera and see their script at the same time.
  • Lighting - an array of different lights produce lighting effects to suit many styles of programmes.

The Control Room


A wall of monitors within the Control Room displays all different audio and video inputs available, including current output and a preview of the next output.

The Control Room is where switching, titling, animated transitions, multi-layer compositing (video within video), chroma key for virtual sets (images behind the action) and downstream keying (images in front of the action) are controlled in real-time.

It's also where special effects are controlled.