School of Arts

Radio Studios

There are three Radio Studios which allow producers to switch between live programs, the news or go to air themselves. These include;

News Studioradio_studio.gif

The News Studio is where bulletins prepared in the newsroom are read directly from the monitor.

Live Studio

The Live Studio is where students broadcast a two-hour drive time program featuring both music and feature stories, live to Radio Fremantle 107.9FM.

Working in groups, students take turns at all the different roles involved in putting together a radio program. Fieldwork prepared on portable recording equipment is edited on specialised software, and each group prepares a one-hour program each week.

Producer’s Studio

The Producer's Studio is where the Producer has the ability to control output levels and edit live content. Shows are streamed live over the Internet so if something is broadcast in error, the Producer can choose to delete it from the broadcast.