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The Nature Based Tourism Research Group provides leading edge research in the sustainable use of natural areas for tourism. Natural areas such as national parks and marine reserves have outstanding natural values that are important in their own right as well as attracting tourists. The challenge for today and tomorrow’s society is to help visitors enjoy these beautiful places while protecting the values that attracted them in the first place.

Research by the Nature Based Tourism Research Group is currently focused in the following areas:

  1. Visitors to protected areas: experiences, needs, satisfaction.
  2. Visitor attachment to 'place' and the implications for managing parks and reserves.
  3. Measuring and managing visitor impacts, especially from high impact activities such as adventure tourism.
  4. Adaptive management, measurements and benchmarking to determine management effectiveness, and institutional learning.
  5. Understanding and managing interactions between wildlife and tourists.
  6. Understanding and enhancing geotourism as a worldwide phenomenon.

The Nature Based Tourism Research Group has both the quantitative and qualitative research skills needed for this complex task. Examples include detailed field measurements of impacts, visitor surveys, in-depth interviewing, focus groups, and expert panels.

To find out about research currently underway go to the "Meet the Team" page and click on "+more" under each researcher. Current projects are listed for each researcher on their individual profile page.