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Stephen Beatty

Dr Stephen Beatty

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email: S.Beatty@murdoch.edu.au
Phone: 9360 2813
Room: BS 1.007


Stephen Beatty currently works as a post-doc researcher in the Freshwater Fish Group at Murdoch University. He conducts a wide range of ecological research that increases understanding of how to sustainably manage Western Australia’s unique aquatic ecosystems. A particular field of interest is the biology and ecology of freshwater crayfishes and his work has included determining the biology and ecology of the Smooth Marron to aid in the sustainable management of its recreational fishery. Other areas of his research have related to south-western Australian freshwater fish communities, particularly with regard to the impacts of feral species, river regulation, surface and groundwater extraction and salinisation.
For more information, see my Publications