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CFFR logoThe Centre was established in 2000 in recognition of a history of sustained and internationally recognised excellence in research and postgraduate training in fish and fisheries biology.  Our main objectives are to test traditional paradigms regarding fish and ecosystems and facilitate their sustainability. Our studies have focussed on the faunas and ecosystems of Western Australia, which have highlighted their uniqueness globally and refined our understanding of key aspects of fish biology and ecosystem function.

The quality of research and postgraduate training is reflected in members of the Centre having published over 600 papers in leading international journals, the receipt of very substantial funding from state and national sources and the graduation of approximately 80 PhD students.


• Undertake and publish innovative research that addresses fundamental questions in fisheries biology and fish and invertebrate ecology and evolution.
• Provide high-quality quantitative data for sustaining fisheries and aquatic ecosystems.
• Increase the impact, value and uptake of research output through adopting a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.
• Foster research interaction with scientists in other universities and governmental agencies.
• Communicate the implications of results to scientists, stakeholders and the community.
• Produce postgraduates with attributes that will ensure their success in future research and employment.

Research strengths

The Centre has two main research themes:

Community ecology and ecosystem function.
o Freshwater
o Estuaries and nearshore environments
o Offshore environments
Population biology and evolution.
o Population biology
o Genetics and evolution

Complementary themes include: socio-economics, remote sensing and spatial analysis and human use mapping.

Research activities

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The research activities in the Centre fall within three major research themes and a number of very active research units.

Students and training

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The Centre provides many opportunities for training research students for Honours, Masters and PhD degrees.

News and events

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Healthy Estuaries 2111 Full Report now available.