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Murdoch University researchers work at the forefront of safeguarding our forest and woodland ecosystems against disease and environmental damage.

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Katinka Ruthrof

Dr Katinka Ruthrof

Ecological restoration; mine-site revegetation; management of woodlands and forests

Dr Katinka Ruthrof is a plant ecologist with experience in revegetation, fire ecology, population dynamics and invasive species.

Her research focuses on facilitating regeneration in and revegetation of degraded woodlands and forests.

She is currently working with the Department of Environment and Conservation on the Ludlow Tuart Forest rehabilitation project, with the Peel Harvey Catchment Council on the Lake Clifton revegetation project, and with Cockburn Cement Ltd. on improving revegetation techniques for disused quarries, residue quarries and shell grit waste areas.

Giles Hardy

Professor Giles Hardy

Forest pathology and natural ecosystems; ecosystem function and health

Professor Giles Hardy is an expert in forest pathology and natural ecosystems, in particular, how biotic and abiotic plant diseases impact on ecosystem function and health.

He has research collaborations in remote sensing, eco-hydrology, entomology, molecular plant pathology, plant physiology and nutrition, fungal genetics, microbiology, soil health, restoration ecology, and native fauna among others.

Professor Hardy is currently Director of the State Centre of Excellence on Climate Change, Woodland and Forest Health, and Director of the Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management.
Treena Burgess

Associate Professor Treena Burgess

Fungal genetics, forest biosecurity, forest pathology and natural ecosystem health

Dr Treena Burgess is an expert in molecular phylogenetics (population genetics) and fungal population genetics and an experienced forest pathologist, especially in biotic factors associated in tree decline.

She has research collaborations in Australia and world-wide in forest biosecurity, tree pathology, fungal genetics, Phytophthora (dieback) identification and genetics, fungal molecular taxonomy and the role of endophytes (a fungus that lives within a plant without causing disease) and latent pathogens in a changing climate.

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