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Murdoch University’s political experts offer a wide range of knowledge on local, state, national and international politics; political and social practices; politics and the internet; citizenship, democracy and governance; environmental politics and globalisation; Australian government; and political and ideological tensions relating to nationalism.

Murdoch’s international security experts focus on terrorism in a globalised world, international security, ethnic conflict, insurgency movements and counterinsurgency operations, ethnic secession in world politics, military and non-military approaches to conflict management, international law and politics, and the United Nations.

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Jacqui Baker

Dr Jacqui Baker

Indonesian politics, Indonesian police in relation to law, violence and corruption

Dr Jacqui Baker is an expert in Indonesian politics with research expertise in law, violence and corruption. Dr Baker can provide commentary on the politics of the Indonesian police, including police corruption and violence, having worked extensively with drug offenders in Jakarta’s prisons on these issues.

She argues that the death penalty case flags the rise of a new insular nationalism that has taken root at the heart of Indonesian politics and contends that the bilateral relationship will have to adjust to this new tone in Indonesian politics.

In 2013, Dr Baker produced a documentary for ABC Radio National called Eat Pray Mourn which looked at extrajudicial executions of drug offenders and other petty criminals by the Indonesian police.

Rochelle Spencer

Dr Rochelle Spencer

International development, tourism

Dr Rochelle Spencer researches international development and tourism.

She critically questions concepts of civil society, participation, active citizenship, and capacity building. This contributes to our knowledge on assumptions about community, development, rights, and moral responsibility by exploring their importance for social change in an era of globalisation.

Dr Spencer is a lecturer in international aid and sustainable development in the School of Business and Governance and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. She is a founding member of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.

Yvonne Haigh

Dr Yvonne Haigh

Public policy and public sector reform, affordable housing, corruption, youth

Yvonne Haigh’s work focuses on the intersection between policy, politics and the public sector. Yvonne has examined policy on homelessness and affordable housing, citizenship and education policy; crime and youth policy, and currently she is examining corruption, ethics and codes of conduct within the public sector. Yvonne has published scholarly works on public policy and she has presented in a range of public sector forums.

Dr Haigh is a lecturer in public policy and management in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs.
Professor Sam Makinda

Professor Sam Makinda

Security, terrorism and counter-terrorism

Professor Sam Makinda is the Professor of International Relations and Security Studies at Murdoch University. He is a member of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific and previously served as a member of the Australian Foreign Minister’s National Consultative Committee for International Security Issues. Prior to this, Professor Makinda worked as a foreign affairs analyst in the Parliamentary Research Service. In 2011, Kenya’s President awarded him one of the highest civilian medals, Elder of the Order of the Burning Spear (EBS), for his ‘distinguished service rendered to the nation’.

In 2005, Professor Makinda established Murdoch University’s Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism studies program. In his academic career, he has been a researcher at the Brookings Institution (Washington, DC), the International Institute for Strategic Studies (London), the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Jakarta). He has authored four books and more than 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters. Earlier in his career, Professor Makinda worked as a journalist with Kenya’s The Weekly Review and later as an editor with the Daily Nation.
Ian Cook

Dr Ian Cook

Australian politics, Western Australian politics, political thought in Australia, the internet and politics

Dr Ian Cook specialises in providing independent and critical commentary on Australian and Western Australian politics. He has also published works examining the forms of liberalism that have been influential in Australian politics and society, including Liberalism in Australia, and on the effects of the internet on politics and society.

As co-author of Government and Democracy in Australia, a textbook on Australian politics, and Keyword in Australian Politics, Dr Cook is committed to explaining the nature of Australian politics in a way which makes it accessible and interesting.

Rajat Ganguly

Rajat Ganguly

Ethnic conflict, terrorism and security

Dr Rajat Ganguly is Program Chair in Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies and a senior lecturer in Politics and International Studies at Murdoch University.

An acknowledged expert in his field, Dr Ganguly is widely published in the areas of ethnic conflict, insurgency and terrorism; conflict, development and security; conflict management and peace building; foreign policy analysis; democracy, human rights, good governance; and South Asian politics, security and foreign policy. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Journal of South Asian Development.

Jane Hutchinson

Dr Jane Hutchison

Social and political change in the Philippines

Dr Hutchison’s research interests include labour and urban poor movements in the Philippines, political economy of development effectiveness and transnational activism.

She teaches in Murdoch’s politics and international studies and development studies programs, and is a Fellow of Murdoch's Asia Research Centre.

Janice Dudley

Dr Janice Dudley

Australian politics and government; democracy and citizenship, sustainability, and environmental politics

Dr Janice Dudley is an expert on issues of democracy and citizenship, citizenship education, Australian government and politics, sustainability, and environmental politics.

She teaches Australian politics and government, and environmental politics and is the coordinator of the Parliamentary and Public Sector internship program at Murdoch University.

Dr Dudley was an active participant in the Schools Constitutional Convention Program since the early 1990s, and has been a final checker and independent reviewer for the WA TEE (Yr 12) Political and Legal Studies Examination Paper since 1997.

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